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QNXT (Trizetto Claims processing system) provides several functionality which is supported under the application group or you can call modules.It helps the organizations to perform their day to day operational work by utilizing any or all of the application groups. QNXT is a registered trademark of Trizetto. QNXT is a web based system ,developed in .Net technology and all the business rules are running behind the scene as a core functionality.It allows the industry users to be in compliant with all the latest mandates and legislation as long as the latest version of the solution is in place by the Facets users.


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1. 15+ Hrs of live sessions on Claims module

2. Video access of all the sessions

3. Resume and Interview preparation.


Anyone having a general understanding of financial accounting terms can opt for SAP FICO certification. This course is suitable for:

Healthcare IT domain knowledge.

Students with a Bachelor or Master’s degree

Executives and Managers

IT/Business analysts and System Analysts

Quality Assurance professionals

Project team members


  1. Introduction of Healthcare
  2. Building block of Healthcare
  3. Claims Module
  4. Definition of Insurance Claim
  5.  Claim generation
  6.  Claims Models Healthcare claims overview – Institutional,Professional, Dental and Pharmacy
  7.  Types of Claims
  8.  Health Insurance claims process – Adjudication (Acceptance, Denials, Rejections, others)
  9. Claim Submission 
  10. Claims Intake process
  11. Claims Adjudication
  12. Claims Payment Header Details Line level Details
Benefit Module
  1. Overview of Benefit
  2.  Benefit Plan Module
  3.  Creating New Benefit
  4. Adding exclusions
  5.  Adding Service Groups
  6. Adding EOB/Remit Messages
  7. Managing Restriction Groups
  8.  Managing Accumulators
  9. Managing codes(CPT,REV)
  10.  Managing Copay
  11. Managing Diagnosis codes(ICD- 9,ICD10)
Provider Module
  1. Definition
  2. ER Diagram
  3. Provider Search
  4. Adding a Provider
  5.  Affiliations- Definition and Types 
  6. Affiliates 
  7. Affiliations Tab overview 
  8. Add an attribute 
  9. Edit and Delete attribute 
  10. Managing Contract affiliations 
  11. Participation status
  12.  Managing Plan affiliations
  13. Service Groups 
  14. Adding a service group 
  15. Specialty 
  16. Adding a specialty 
  17. Memos and Alert 
  18. Finance 
  19. Member Counts 
  20. Cap Adjustments

TRIZETTO®, FACETS™, and QNXT™ are trademarks owned by TriZetto Corporation. This training is not affiliated with TriZetto and TriZetto neither sponsors nor endorses our materials, goods, or services.

How the Online courses are designed?
Our online courses are designed with the help of companies with the goal of training what companies expect from their future employees. Partner companies have special privileges to hire our trainees and help us keep the course work more suitable to what they look for in their employees.
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What are the benefits of on-line training?
On-line education can offer many advantages: Educate more people at a lower cost per participant. Make significant cost savings relative to staff accommodation and travel expenses. Allow staff to stay on-site rather than traveling. Schedule education programs at times suitable to you.
What if I am unable to attend online class or want to learn at my own pace?
In case you miss a class, you will have access to the video of that class since we record all sessions and upload to our knowledge base.
Is study material available
All official training materials are provided when you enroll with us. You will have access to our full knowledge base which includes videos, eBooks, assignments, Presentations, Resumes and many other study material.
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This course is designed as per the industry best practices. At the end of the course you will be awarded with Elearningline Course Completion certificate for Healthcare.

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15+ Hrs of live sessions on Claims module
Video access of all the sessions
Resume and Interview preparation.

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