Adobe Fireworks CS6

In this training course one would learn one of the platform design and produce by the Adobe Systems which is basically used for editing and designing the pictures, images and the website. It helps one to become proficient website designer and webpage developer too. So let’s get enrol for the course and become one of the best graphics designer.

What is Adobe Fireworks?

Adobe Fireworks is a vector and bitmap graphics program which permits web and client experience creators to deliver craftsmanship that is utilized as a part of a wide assortment of web and screen-based undertakings. Web originators use Fireworks for quickly making versatile fine art utilizing different plan and prototyping apparatuses, effortlessly taunting up designs with various pages and images, making navigate models of sites and portable applications, and cutting, enhancing, and sending out representation in various web-accommodating organizations.

About the course:

Adobe Fireworks CS6 is a product utilized for making and altering web plans and illustrations. An internet preparing in Adobe Fireworks CS6 from this e-learning training course, make members capable in Graphic Design and Webpage Development. In this course you will get to learn many important points and tools of the Adobe Fireworks which are given below:

  1. Fireworks Environment
  2. Creating shapes and objects
  3. Editing shapes and using colors.
  4. Working with layers and pages.
  5. Importing content and applying effects.
  6. Optimizing Slicing and Exporting
Objective of the course:

With Fireworks you can make sites, client interfaces and rich Internet application (RIA) interfaces that are editable in vector as well as bitmap modes.

  1. Fireworks have Pages/Master Pages, Layers, States and Symbols – all components that significantly accelerate advancement of Web outlines.
  2. You can likewise utilize it to make wireframes and intuitive models
  3. You can apply practices to protests reproduce intuitiveness;
  4. You can include content, images, pictures furthermore import Illustrator and Photoshop resources; and
  5. Once prepared with the outline you can send out the records as clickable PDF mock-ups for approval.

This course will help you to learn all these tools to make you a professional adobe firework platform user.

Advantages of the course:

Adobe Fireworks has lots of advantages and hence there are many benefits after enrolling for this course. Most of the designers whether website or graphics designers, prefer using fireworks for editing or giving innovative and creative effects to their pages and products. It is not only one of the platform to perform all the creative work in the field of designing but it has also come up as a best designing tool. Here are some of the advantages of learning adobe fireworks by enrolling for this course.

  1. Designing with pixel-perfect accuracy.
  2. You can build fully functional websites just by using this single platform.
  3. Build quick and easy vectors.
  4. Very easy to understand and use is the platform.
  5. Rich of internet applications and can design quick gradients.
Key Features:

As we have studied that adobe firework is a platform which is used to insert graphical interface and the designing effects to our documents. There are many graphical tools which can be used instead of going dept in the filters of the Photoshop and hence can save your time and resources. It also consists of live gradient display, and also an improved vector tools set and these are some of the features which make Adobe Firework different and unique from all other platforms. Here are given some more key features of Adobe Fireworks:

  1. Quizzes on User Interface & New Photoshop compatible text engine
  2. Workshop on New styles, Improvements to reach symbols, Smart align which is another tool which will save you lots of time.
  3. Project on Command introduced to take the screenshot i.e. “Take screenshot”
  4. Learn, work and gain immense practical knowledge under industry best practitioners
  5. Receive globally approved certification on Adobe Dreamweaver CS6
  6. Guidance to resume preparation for further job assistance
  7. Ask for help anytime to our 24/7 support desk

All the professional or non-professional who has interest in photo editing and designing can prefer for this course as it will give you more information regarding editing of pictures and also make you understand some important and innovative tips and tricks which can bring best from you. All the persons having professional background or are interested in wed designing or developing, graphic designing or want to be Photoshop experts can go ahead to grab this opportunity and enrol for this online training course.


All the users going for this course will learn all the following topics and lessons before getting their certificate for this Adobe Fireworks E-Learning training course.

Assignment 1: Understanding the Interface:
  1. Learning Fireworks menus and shortcuts.
  2. Getting around your document and the application bar.
  3. Working with the panels.
  4. Using the tool panels.
  5. Working with the property panels.
Assignment 2: Working with the files:
  1. Opening the documents and setting up the workplace.
  2. Organizing the documents.
  3. Importing the graphics.
  4. Saving and exporting files.
  5. Optimizing and previewing graphics.
Assignment 3: Drawing with Fireworks:
  1. Setting up rulers, guides, and grids.
  2. Selecting and grouping objects.
  3. Drawing lines and shapes.
  4. Applying fills and styling strokes.
  5. Applying opacity, blending modes, and Live Filters.
  6. Using styles.
  7. Styling with pattern and textures.
  8. Drawing vector shapes.
  9. Working with freedom tools and reshaping vector objects.
Assignment 4: Working with the Objects:
  1. Working with bitmaps and texts.
  2. Aligning and distributing the elements.
  3. Transforming the objects.
  4. Moving, cloning and duplicating
  5. Reshaping with the path panel.
  6. Masking objects.
  7. Animating objects with states.
  8. Using the 9-Slice Scaling tools.
Assignment 5: Organizing Documents:
  1. Working with layers.
  2. Working with pages.
  3. Working with web layers.
Assignment 6: Using Symbols:
  1. Creating graphics symbols
  2. Creating button symbols.
  3. Creating 9-Slice Scaling symbols
  4. Using the Common Library.
  5. Creating animation symbols.
Assignment 7: Enhancing Fireworks:
  1. Creating component symbols.
  2. Working with the component menu.
  3. Adding extensions.
  4. Creating commands with the history panel.
  5. Using batch commands.
Assignment 8: Using Sprites:
  1. Understanding sprites.
  2. Creating symbols for sprites.
  3. Exporting sprite CSS.
Assignment 9: CSS Integration:
  1. Using CSS tools in the object panel.
  2. Working with the CSS properties panel.
Assignment 10: JQuery Mobile:
  1. What is JQuery mobile?
  2. Creating a jQuery Mobile Template in Fireworks.
  3. Working with a JQuery mobile templates.
Assignment 11: Case Study
  1. Newly introduced feature which allows you to share your screen with other person.
  2. Arrow Line tool
  3. New color panels which includes an integrated Adobe Kuler palette.
Assignment 12: Projects and Workshops
  1. Export your wireframes into PDF files which gives an ease of clickable presentation.
What is Adobe Fireworks CS6 and who are the target users of the platform?
Adobe Fireworks CS6 programming is utilized to outline and quickly model site, portable, and application interfaces and to make and enhance versatile and web design rapidly and with accuracy. It is perfect for engineers and fashioners of numerous types — versatile, web, visual, and client experience.
Is there any relationship between Fireworks and Photoshop?
Photoshop is the business standard for computerized imaging with a wide cluster of elements and usefulness utilized by picture takers, visual architects, web creators, and numerous other inventive experts. While Fireworks has some covering usefulness, its vector and bitmap toolset is particularly assembled for planners and designers who need highlights for wireframing; comping; prototyping; and making improved pictures for web, portable, and application interfaces. Another vital component is the capacity to effortlessly and rapidly switch in the middle of pages and to roll out improvements and redesigns over various pages.
Will Fireworks CS6 still be available in the Creative Cloud or for standalone purchase?
While we are not arranging another full arrival of Fireworks and won't discharge any new Fireworks highlights, we will keep on offering Fireworks CS6 and make it accessible in the Creative Cloud. We will give security upgrades as fundamental and might give bug fixes too. We presently plan to redesign Fireworks to bolster the following significant arrivals of both Mac OS X and Windows. As more particular subtle elements on the following adaptation of Windows and Mac OS X are made accessible, we might modify these arrangements.
Why should I choose Fireworks CS6 over other graphics optimization tools?
Simple to-utilize apparatuses, an abnormal state of reconciliation with Adobe arrangements, for example, Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, Photoshop CS6, and Illustrator CS6 programming, and the capacity to rapidly streamline your portable and web outlines without composing code all outcome in time funds and prevalent adaptability for your ventures. With Fireworks CS6, you can likewise alter resources from different illustrations programs for more extensive organization.
What's the relationship between Fireworks and Dreamweaver software?
Creators and engineers regularly utilize Fireworks and Dreamweaver all the while, doing a reversal and forward as they concentrate outline components from their comp, advance and send out them from Fireworks, and afterward reassemble them utilizing HTML and CSS as a part of Dreamweaver. Effective duplicate and glue and round tripping work processes make making and altering web illustrations simple and quick.

Kriti Gupta

I am extremely content with the course from E Learning Line. Upbeat for the time I spent there. Instructors were through help in each stage of the course. I have missed some lectures but later on I have received the videos from the website. Much satisfied with the guidance.

Tanvi Doshi

Very point by point and incredibly innovative. Course Materials are fabulous and of course covers very important and practical areas of the subject that are useful in real life.

Kristina Barnett

Completed my preparation venture in Adobe Fireworks. Extremely appreciative for the support I got from my instructors. They were amazingly supportive and friendly. Whenever I missed out something, they were there to lend a hand. Thank you e-Learning Line.

Raghav Agarwal

I have been working in the Graphics Designing Industry for as far back as 2 year. It was the ideal opportunity for me to climb. I am thankful to E-Learning Lines for giving me all the pertinent materials which helped me to clear my confirmation for Adobe Fireworks

rohit Chandak

ELearningLine is the best option in this field to learn adobe fireworks. I was a beginner when I have taken up the course, but today I have become a certified professional. All this because of this course I have attended under e-Learning Line. Thank you.

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