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To understand how Agile is practiced and applied to various sectors, e-learningLine has introduced the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner Training course in 3 different modes of study. One can take self-training or Instructor Led Online or classroom mode to take up the course. The mentioned course is basically designed for the candidates who want to clear the Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) Exam in Project Management Institute (PMI).Apart from exam preparation, with e-LearningLine you will get to know the applications and practices of Agile Software.

To understand how Agile is practiced and applied to various sectors, e-learningLine has introduced the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner Training course in 3 different modes of study. One can take self-training or Instructor Led Online or classroom mode to take up the course. The mentioned course is basically designed for the candidates who want to clear the Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) Exam in Project Management Institute (PMI).Apart from exam preparation, with e-LearningLine you will get to know the applications and practices of Agile Software.

About the Course:

The course ACP training is all about preparation for the PMI’s ACP examination. Take any of the available modes of study and prepare yourself for the examination. As said that not only the exam preparation but also e-LearnignLine provides a comprehensive guide to understand several areas of Agile Software. The areas are

  1. Extreme Programming (XP)
  2. Scrum, Lean, Kanban
  3. Test Driven Development or TDD
  4. Agile Domain
  5. Adaptive and Predictive Planning
  6. Error Detection and Recovery
  7. Continuous Improvement and much more.

Apart from these areas e-LearningLine also provides real time case studies and projects to understand Agile more accurately.

Objective of the Course:

The main objective of the course is to provide required knowledge and skill to clear the PMI Agile certified practitioner exam. Also the course allows candidates to

  1. Know about the 21 PDUs to clear the exam
  2. Understand how to work with Agile Principles of TDD, XP, Kanban, Scrum and such
  3. Understand for any project scale how to implement a multi iterative development model
  4. Understand the capability of providing high speed Epics

After completion of the training one will be well aware of the working nature of Agile and how it is applied and practiced in real life.

Key Features

E-learning line helps in achieving the expertise in the relevant field. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, PMI ACP training course with e-learning line will help you to build a strong knowledge base by providing:

  1. Online Sessions: E-learning line provides more than 18 hours of online classes or each course with expert instructors from relevant field. You can select a batch as per your convenience and also can reschedule it and continue your class with other running batches. You can also get the recorded sessions later through our Learning Management System.
  2. Lab practices of real life projects: Along with online classes, e-learning line offers you 35+ hours of lab practices that bring the opportunity to gather hands-on experience in real life projects related to Agile application and practice training. Each and every student will get an opportunity to handle such projects after completion of the online sessions.
  3. Expert instructors: More than 10 instructors are here for the instructor led online courses on Agile and other courses. These experts come and join our hands from across the planet to enhance your knowledge and skill on the related training courses.
  4. Lifelong access to your study materials: Through LMS, you can access your study material though out your life. Whenever you want to take a look at the sessions or study materials or your projects, you can smoothly access them through LMS.
  5. 24x7 support desk: E-learning line has 24/7 help desk for the candidates. You can drop your queries at any time at our support desk and our customer service executives will be there to help you with your issues.
  6. A registered certificate: After completing each course you will get a chance to receive a certificate from e-learning line. We have a team of expert leaders who will review your practical projects on Agile and review the quizzes and once fulfilled successfully, you will earn a skill certificate from us.
  7. Guidance to resume preparation: E-learning line also provides you thorough guidance in preparing your resume and lends a hand to post job applications further. Students who are beginners and unaware of corporate world, will also be guided by our faculties to update their resume.
  8. 21 PDUs: E-LearningLine provides 21 PDUs for PMI ACP training course to let you understand the process and nature of the exam and help you to clear the exams. Apart from these mentioned features there are other features like focus oriented course and real life projects and workshops are there with the course to lend a hand to the students for understanding the real life scenario.

To attend the PMI ACP Training course one has to be an Agile Professional. The exam is only for the professionals so one must follow the criteria
• Basic knowledge of Agile / Agile managers
• Experienced in Project management
• Experienced in Team Leading
• Experienced in Software Development
PMI ACP is designed to acquire hands-on experience in PMI examination, so generally the course can be taken by any professionals who want to develop their professional profile in Project Management.



There are a number of lessons or Assignments that one needs to complete before getting the hands-on knowledge on Agile. The assignments are as follows:

Assignment 1: Agile Principles and Overview
  1. Agile: evolution, manifesto, practice, core principles
  2. Agile Manifesto principles
  3. Agile: What can it do, what can not
  4. Agile: Advantage and real time examples
  5. Agile: framework, methodology, process
  6. Scrum: roles, pillars, meetings, terminology, points to note
  7. XP: core programming, Design, methodology, practices
  8. DSDM: phrases, principles, features
  9. Crystal methodology
  10. Agile Project Management
  11. Lean
  12. Kanban
  13. Servant Leader
  14. OpenUp
  15. Information Radiator
  16. Knowledge Sharing
  17. Examples and Practices
Assignment 2: Value Driven Delivery 
  1. Value: time, Future, Present Value, Forecasting
  2. Time Value of Money
  3. Financial feasibility
  4. Returns on Investment: IRR, NPV, Payback Period, Examples
  5. Prioritization technique: MosCoW, Kano Model, Relative Weighting
  6. Non- functional requirements: Prioritization
  7. Risk Management
  8. Kanban: Board, cards, detailing
  9. Review and Feedback
  10. Incremental delivery
  11. Earned Value Management: terms, technique, formula, parameters, example
  12. Agile: contract, compliance, contract methods, examples
Assignment 3: Engagement of Stockholders
  1. Stockholder Management: principle, practice
  2. Project Charter: Components, cases
  3. Wireframes: features, example
  4. User story: attributes, card, confirmation, conversation, information, example
  5. Agile personas: creation, example
  6. Communication
  7. Information
  8. Agile modelling
  9. Decision making
  10. Active listening
  11. Negotiation
  12. Conflict management
Assignment 4: Adaptive and Predictive Planning
  1. Planning: multiple levels, Rolling wave
  2. Timeboxing: features, benefits. Example
  3. Estimation
  4. Project size Measurement
  5. Accuracy
  6. Story point: steps, estimation, story point an ideal days
  7. Planning poker
  8. T-Shirt sizing
  9. Affinity estimation
  10. Release Plan: steps, estimation. Example
  11. Iteration plan: step, example, estimation
  12. Release vs. Iteration plan
  13. Velocity and value based decomposition and analysis
  14. Sprint review: example, explanation
Assignment 5: Performance
  1. Team building: High Performing Team, Attributes, empowered teams, managing expectations
  2. Leadership: introduction, practices, adaptive, managing and monitoring team performance
  3. Emotional intelligence: assessment framework, ScrumMastersAgile managers, benefits
  4. Team motivation
  5. Bad Teams
  6. Collaboration and Coordination
  7. Brainstorming Sessions: steps, setting up
  8. Velocity: feature, example
  9. Agile tools
Assignment 6: Error detection and recovery
  1. Error detection: features, techniques, examples
  2. Fishbone
  3. Whys tool, lead time, control charts, escaped defects
  4. Work in Progress: details
  5. Cumulative Flow charts: details, diagram, law, bottlenecks
  6. Problem solving practice
  7. Metrics: outline, advantage, types, actual, examples
  8. Burn charts
  9. Risk management: identification, assessment, Risk Review
  10. Spike and failure modes
Assignment 7: Improvement
  1. Kaizen: introduction, agenda
  2. Retrospective: introduction, agenda, benefits, techniques
  3. Process tailoring: ShuHaRi
  4. Quality Best Practice: testing, verification, validation, development, acceptance, advantage, integration
  5. TDD: effectiveness, advantage
  6. Story checklist
Assignment 8: Case Study
  1. Case study on Agile application and best practices
Assignment 9: Project and Workshop
  1. Agile applications, quizzes and pre-examination sample papers
What certificate I will receive after completion of the course?
After completion of the course you will receive a PMI ACP pre-exam training certificate from e-LearningLine. Also you can receive the PMI ACP certificate from PMI, after successfully clear the exam.
Can I get Agile Software Projects?
Yes, with e-LearningLine you can work on demo Agile Software after completion of the course. As under e-LEarningLine you will not only get to be prepared for PMI exam, also you will develop knowledge about Agile, you will get a lot of practical experience on Agile.
How will I get information about the Exam Process?
E-learningLine will provide you all the relevant information regarding examination. If you do not find what you are looking for, we would suggest you to drop your query at our 24/7 help desk. They will get back to you with your query immediately.
Is the course only for professionals?
Yes, the course is only for the professionals. The examination is for the Project managers, so the pre-examination training course is also for the professionals only.

E-learning line provides a registered certificate to all the candidates who are successfully completed the course. For each course there is different certification that one can receive. After completion of the course with e-learning line, one can receive a registered certificate. For each course either self-training or instructor led or classroom, an individual can receive a certificate. After completion of the assignments each and every students will get a real life projects related to the mentioned course. Everyone needs to complete the project and submit for the revision.

Once the review by expert leaders is done and participants complete the project successfully, he/she can receive the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner Training certification from e-learning line. Also an individual needs to clear all the exams related to the course to get the certificate.

Soumya Rajagopalan

The very best in training and content. PMI ACP with E Learning Line is perhaps the best around. Thank You for the certification and the help you gave me.

Shunham Mittal

ELearningLine has mastered the art of helping students to overcome the most difficult of courses. PMI ACP was one such programme which was not that easy. However, they made it look so easy. Now that I am certified I am really eager to make a mark as a Project Manager.

Tanvi Kunwar

Extremely helpful, insightful and focussed is this course from E Learning Lines. The combination of classroom training, videos, online content makes it one brilliant course. Great learning for clearning the certification.

Sanah Gumber

PMI ACP is a globally recognized certification. And sought after too. E Learning Line makes it easier for students to grasp it. I recently completed my project on Program Management after which I earned my certification which was very satisfying. All thanks to my tutors who persevered along with me. Thanks a lot.

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