In this course we will take the participants through the basics of SAP BO BI that will help them to identify methods through which they can understand Business Intelligence better and use Data Analytics to create perfect Organisational reports. SAP BO BI is one of the most popular studies in the field of Big Data and Analytics and E Learning Line with its innovative training methods is well placed to provide its participants with world class knowledge.

What is SAP BO BI?

SAP Business Objects BI (also known as BO or BOBJ) is a suite of front-end applications that allow business users to view, sort and analyze business intelligence data. The suite consists of Crystal Reports, Dashboards, Web Intelligence and Explorer.

About the course

This course is designed to impart participants with the various facets of SAP BO BI. The methods of creating analytical databases for analysis are some of the highlights of this course. The areas this course would cover are:

  1. SAP BW 7.3
  2. SAP BW Works Model description
  3. End-to-end Data Warehousing
  4. SAP BW Modelling
  5. SAP BW Data Schema
  6. The above areas will be dealt with in depth analysis.
Objective of the course

The SAP BO BI course is prepared for the candidates who are ready to start their career in the field of Big Data and Data Analytics. Acquiring this course under e-Learning Line will make a candidate understand about various aspects related to BO/BI. The main objectives of the course are:

  1. Perform SAP BO Analysis and Auto Documentation
  2. Learn how to transfer data in SAP BI
  3. Understand BEX Web application design
  4. Execute conditions and prompts using Web Intelligence
  5. Create and Display various types of reports like Table reports, Chart reports, sorted report and others
Advantage of the course

Any course or training undertaken in E Learning Line comes with its inherent innovative training methodologies. At E Learning Line the tutors strive to make professionals out of participants. The advantages of the course whether it is learning benefits or career benefits are immense:

  1. The course is totally industry ready and with ample projects and workshops
  2. It provides important tools to build a bridge between industry process and customer relationship
  3. The course helps to gain immense knowledge and extensive skill on customer management
  4. Helps to understand better off the product selling
  5. Provides extensive knowledge on how customer services can be more effective than before
  6. Participants will not only get certified but also inherit world class knowledge
  7. Helps to kick start your career as Customer Relationship manager and enhance your e-commerce and e-marketing service
Key Features

E-learning line helps in achieving the expertise in the relevant field. Whether you are a beginner or a professional the SAP-CRM course with E-Learning Line will help you to build a strong IT platform by providing you with the following:

  1. Quizzes on SAP BO BI solutions and its modules and other topics
  2. Workshop on BO-SAP HANA Integration
  3. Project on Creation of Web intelligence report with auto scheduling
  4. Learn, work and gain immense practical knowledge under industry best practitioners
  5. Receive globally approved certification on SAP BO BI Training
  6. Guidance to resume preparation for further job assistance
  7. Ask for help anytime to our 24/7 support desk

E-Learning Line aims at focus oriented and practical aspects of each course so that each candidates get complete exposure to what they have learnt.


To attend this SAP BO BI Training course one has to have basic knowledge of Programming. The course SAP BO BI is basically designed to create a bridge between industry process and Analytical Reporting. So one has to have following eligibility criteria to take up the course:

  1. Basic knowledge of sql
  2. Familiarity with Object-Oriented Programming


Assignment 1: SAP BW 7.3 Concepts/Data Warehouse

  1. OLAP – features, types, vs. OLTP
  2. SAP BW 7.3 Multi dimensional model
  3. SAP BW cubes
  4. Bex queries and Activation of business content cube

Assignment 2: BOBI 4.2 Architecture

  1. Introduction and overview
  2. Tier: Client, Application, Data, Processing, Intelligence and their components
  3. Security management

Assignment 3: Information Design Tool

  1. Overview of Business Object Universe
  2. Course universe creation and universe structure
  3. SQL traps and resolving them
  4. Designing advanced objects
  5. LOVs and joins
  6. Functions with and restrictions on objects
  7. Designing universe on HANA table and index
  8. Designing universe on HANA for sales, Copa and procurement scenario

Assignment 4: UDT – Universe Design Tool

  1. Overview
  2. Course universe creation and structure
  3. Loops, traps and resolve
  4. Designing advanced objects
  5. Deriving index and tables
  6. Implementing life cycle management
  7. Designing universe on HANA for sales, COPA and procurement scenario
  8. Designing universe on HANA table and index

Assignment 5: Crystal Reports for Enterprise & Dashboard Design Tool

  1. Crystal report designing based on BEX query
  2. SAP HANA based Crystal Reports Designing
  3. Planning, selecting, distributing, formatting Reports
  4. Creating formulas
  5. Model and connected model creation
  6. Interactivity to model
  7. Dashboard Creation
  8. Connecting Web intelligence, Crystal reports data & dashboard creation
  9. Live office data
  10. Creating formulas
  11. Source BEX query based dashboard report designing using Query browser
  12. SAP HANA UNX universe based dashboard report designing

Assignment 6: Web intelligence 4.1

  1. Overview and creation of Web Intelligence
  2. Design and format Reports
  3. Multiple data source uses, analysing and sharing
  4. Web Intelligence document – work and share
  5. Additional reporting techniques
  6. Hyperlinks creation
  7. SAP HANA UNX based Webi Reports designing

Assignment 7: Query as Web service

  1. QWS configure with BO system
  2. Web service report from universe and WSDL report creation
  3. Use of WSDL report in external apps

Assignment 8: BO Analysis 4.2 & BO Explorer 4.2

  1. BO Analysis BW 7.3 start up SAP HANA as source
  2. Use of OLAP edition, MS PPT, BO analysis MS excel in creation of analysis workspace
  3. Using charts, selection of members displaying in charts
  4. Sort, filter and rank data
  5. Exceptions highlight
  6. SAP HANA analytical view , UNX universe and Spread Sheet based information space creation
  7. Information space based data exploration

Assignment 9: BO/SAP Integration

  1. BO-SAP integration kit
  2. Single sign configure
  3. SAP authentication creation in BO
  4. Roles of SAP in BO
  5. SAP and BO system settings

Assignment 10: Widget/Administration/Security

  1. Installation, Use, Access BI widget
  2. BI widget content and working with it
  3. Widget auto refresh
  4. Overview, architecture, manage BO enterprise content
  5. Schedule content and report publishing
  6. Common server management
  7. Secured user, object, group and connection creation
  8. Column, Row and Table security creation
  9. Secured mapping and restriction

Assignment 11: OLAP & Live Office Reporting (LOR)

  1. Creating, Updating and Accessing OLAP universe (Cube)
  2. Advantage and Navigation of Live Office and Menu
  3. Parameter binding and refresh setting set up
  4. Snapshot
  5. Open and view LO documents
  6. Repository and saving LO documents in it

Assignment 12: SAP Webi reporting

  1. Use BW query and Cube to create web intelligence report

Assignment 13: BOXI 4.0 suite installation

  1. Polestar report – creation and configuring with BO system

Assignment 14: Case Study


Assignment 15: Project and Workshop

Why is SAP BO BI relevant?
SAP BO BI is one of the most important SAP courses in the world. It is also an extremely opportunity filled areas today. Big Data and Data Analytics are in the fore font of organisational reporting and Management Information System (MIS).
What are the industries where SAP solution is used?
SAP suites are used in every major field of business today. Analytical Tools are used extensively to take Management decisions. Automotive, defence, banking, pharmaceuticals, railways, industrial machineries, consumer products, postal services, media, oil & gas, mining and many more sectors are a beneficiary of SAP Solutions.
What is E Learning Line self paced training?
In E Learning Lines self-paced training program you will receive recorded sessions, course material, Quiz and assignments. These courses are designed such that you will get absolutely professional exposure and focused on clearing the relevant certification examination. After completion of training you can take a quiz which will enable you to check your knowledge and then go ahead and appear for the final certification.
What does the new feature of Webi include?
The new features are as follows:
• Enhanced and more intuitive on-report filtering ability and control
• Additional prompt features including the ability to make prompts options
• Enhanced variable creating and editing capability
• Additional on-report formatting functions available directly in InfoView
• Improved report linking management
What is the BO Main Key?
BoMain.Key file contains the information about the repository site i.e it contains the address of the repository security domain. BOMain.Key file contains the address of the repository's security domain. This key file should be distributed to all the users of BO to work with BO or will access the bo repository to share universes and documents. It is stored in BusinessObjects/LOCData folder. A BOMain.key file contains all relevant information about the repository. It contains the address of the repository security domain. The file is sorted in the LOC Data folder.

With e-learning line a beginner can become a proficient SAP BO BI Analyst after accepting a globally approved certificate. One needs to follow few procedures before getting it from E-Learning Line. Firstly after completion of the classroom lectures, candidates will have to solve a bunch of questions and quiz sets provided by e-learning line. After submitting the question sets, different projects will be allotted to the attendees. The last step will be the submission and revision of the project. Once you are done with all the questions sets, projects and quizzes, you are eligible for the certificate.

The candidates will be given a certificate and grading on the basis of their performance throughout the course.

Sai Darshan a

One of the best courses ever in the field of BI. Thank You E Learning Line. With the certification I can now look forward to do well in my favourite field. Also e-Learning Line provided me a thorough guidance on preparing my resume. It was helpful.

Vinu Parakkal Menon

Analytics and Big Data is the in thing today. The world is moving on it. My project on Data Optimization helped me understand the subject. Of course, my tutors helped me in understanding the subject better.

sampada Kelkar

Fantastic, focused and structured. The course provides us with detailed training. Covered mostly the important aspects of the BI training which are probably the most useful in real life application. I am working now and I must admit that e-Learning Line is majorly responsible for my success.

Hemani Garg

I wanted to be a part of the BI team and who better to train me in BO than the E Learning Line. The team was awesome and perfect for a fresher to begin his career. I am very satisfied with the course and received the certificate. Thank you.

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