In this course we will take the participants through the basics of SAP-HANA that will help them to identify basic HANA System architecture and the terminologies. SAP HANA is one of the most popular products from SAP and E Learning Line with its innovative training methods is well placed to provide its participants with world class knowledge.

What is SAP HANA?

SAP HANA is an in-memory data platform that is deployable as an on-premise appliance, or in the cloud. It is a revolutionary platform that's best suited for performing real-time analytics and developing and deploying real-time applications.

About the course:

This course is designed to impart training on SAP HANA fundamentals and learn real-time analytics to deploy live applications. The areas this course would cover are:

  1. Building AGILE Data mart in SAP HANA with SP8 using diff BODS transformations
  2. Advanced Modelling concepts including Adv Calculation Views, Currency
  3. Translations, Variables, Input parameter & Info Composer
  4. Backup & recovery
  5. Calculated attributes
  6. SAP HANA DB connectivity
  7. SP9 new Features and Functionality

The above areas will be dealt with in depth analysis.

Objective of the course:

The course SAP HANA Training is organised nicely for the candidates either beginners or professionals who are ready to walk into the world of SQL development and technical consultant. The main objectives of the course are:

  1. The participants will understand System Architecture and basic terminology of SAP HANA.
  2. Work with HANA Studio Modellers and various Modelling strategies.
  3. They will Perform Auto Documentation and SAP BO Analysis.
  4. The participants will Configure and Monitor Dashboard for HANA.
  5. Learn techniques of Storage, User Management and Security.

The participant will get to know all these by the end of this course/s.

Advantage of the course:

Any course or training undertaken in E Learning Line comes with its inherent innovative training methodologies. At E Learning Line the tutors strive to make professionals out of participants. SAP HANA is the top most technology that rules the IT world. There are diverse advantages of the course. They are

  1. The course will allow you to have insight look of the SAP HANA programs and software
  2. Gain knowledge of SAP monitoring and troubleshooting
  3. Earn hands-on knowledge on Backup and Recovering files and data
  4. The course will provide in-depth knowledge of Operation and Administration of SAP HANA
  5. The course is totally industry ready and with ample projects and workshops.
  6. Participants will not only get certified but also inherit world class knowledge.
Key Features

 E-learning line helps in achieving the expertise in the relevant field. Whether you are a beginner or a professional the SAP HANA course with E-Learning Line will help you to build a strong IT platform by providing you with the following:

  1. Quizzes on SAP HANA and other related topics
  2. Workshop on Software Lifecycle Management
  3. Project on Pre SAP HANA installation and post SAP HANA installation
  4. Learn, work and gain immense practical knowledge under industry best practitioners
  5. Receive globally approved certification on SAP HANA Training
  6. Guidance to resume preparation for further job assistance
  7. Ask for help anytime to our 24/7 support desk

E-Learning Line aims at focus oriented and practical aspects of each course so that each candidates get complete exposure to what they have learnt.


To attend the SAP HANA Training course, candidates must have basic knowledge of SQL. Other pre-requisites are

  1. Basics of SQL, Database & Data Warehouse
  2. SAP Technical Consultants and SAP ABAP Consultants
  3. ETL Developers and Business Intelligence Professionals
  4. SQL Developers, Database Architects and Mainframe Professionals
  5. Project Managers and Business Object Professionals



Getting started with SAP HANA
  1. SAP HANA Overview
  2. Significance of SAP HANA?
  3. Listing Database Performance Reasons in SAP HANA
  1. In-Memory Computing Studio
  2. Administration view
  3. Navigator View
  4. System Monitor
  5. Information Modeller
Non-application server: ABAP-based scenarios
  1. Vision of SAP
  2. Introduction to HANA Architecture
  3. DB Supportability Matrix
  4. Understanding Non-application server ABAP- based scenarios
Introduction to HANA Studio Modeller
  1. Defining Star Schema
  2. Introduction to Studio Modeler
  3. Graphical User Interface of SAP HANA
Modelling in SAP HANA
  1. Purpose of Information Modeler
  2. Modeling Levels in SAP HANA
  3. Attribute Views
  4. Analytic Views
  5. Calculation Views
  6. Creating Advanced Calculation Views using GUI and SCRIPT methods
  7. Creating Attribute Views, Analytical Views, Calculation Views for FI scenarios, COPA scenarios, Sales Scenarios, Purchasing Scenarios and Marketing Scenarios
  8. Export & Import – Server and Client sides
  9. Using Hierarchies (Level Based and Parent-Child Hierarchies)
  10. Creating Restricted and Calculated Measures
  11. Using Filter Operations
  12. Using Variables, input parameters
SAP HANA SQL Introduction
  1. SQL Script and Procedures
  2. Using Currency Conversions, Create hyperlinks
  3. Persistency Considerations
  4. SAP HANA Engine Overview
  5. Choosing Views For Information
  6. Using SAP HANA Information Composer for Modeling
  7. Procession Information Models
  8. Validating Models
  9. Comparing Versions of Information Objects
  10. Checking Model References
  11. Generate Auto Documentation
  12. Connecting Tables
  13. Joins (Inner, Left Outer, Right Outer, Full Outer, Text, Referential and Union)
  14. Managing Modeling Content
  15. Manage Schemas
  16. Import and Export data Models
  17. Copy Information Objects 
Database Connectivity with SAP HANA
  1. Reporting in SAP HANA
  2. Client and connectivity options
  3. Interface details for SAP HANA
  1. SAP BO Analysis
  2. Tools for Reporting
  3. SAP BO Analysis
Introduction to SAP HANA Explorer
  1. Important Rules of Model Validation
  2. Manage and process models
  3. Important rules of Model validation
  4. Learn Referencing to Model
  5. Performing auto Documentation
  6. Gain insights into Delivery Units
Ensuring Backup and recovery
  1. Explaining High Availability and Disaster tolerance
  2. Concept of Persistent layer
  3. Taking backup and ensuring recovery
User Management
  1. User Creation
  2. Role Creation
  3. Role Hierarchy Creation
  4. Assignment of Users to Roles
  5. IMCE Authorizations
  6. Authorization
Security and Authorizations
  1. User Management and Security
  2. Types of Privileges
  3. Template Roles
  4. Administrative      
Concepts of SAP BW 7.4 on HANA
  1. BW 7.3 powered by SAP HANA
  2. In-memory optimized Infocubes
  3. In-memory optimized DSO’s
  4. Migration concepts of BW 7.4 on traditional Database to BW 7.0 on SAP HANA
  5. Migrating standard Infocubes to In memory optimized Infocubes using migration Tool
  6. Migrating standard DSO’s to In-memory optimized DSO’s using migration Tool
ABAP Dataflow
  1. Data services in SAP HANA
  2. ABAP Dataflow
  3. Business and commercial features
  4. Transformation based on STL
User Management
  1. User Management (SAP BI 4.0 Integration)
  2. User Management (Single-Sign-on SSO)
Case study


Projects and Workshops
Why is SAP HANA fast?
SAP HANA is fast for the following reasons:
a) HANA stores information in electronic memory as compared to regular RDBMS technologies that store information on hard disks.
b) Besides, most SAP systems have the database on one system and a calculation engine on another, and they pass information between them. With HANA, all this happens within the same machine.
What hardware I need to run SAP HANA?
The specific hardware to run SAP HANA depends on the user vendor. However, SAP is maintaining a list of few certified hardware platforms. These platforms include Dell, Hitachi, Huawei, Fujitsu, Cisco, HP, IBM, SGI, NEC and such. SAP continues to update and extend the list with passing time. The list contains “Ivy Bridge” only which is a new version, it does not contain “Westmere” the old appliance.
What OS I need to run SAP HANA?
If you are using Intel x86, then currently RedHat Linux and SUSE Linux are the 2 options that can be helpful to run SAP HANA. These two have SAP-specific installer that is apt for HANA. On the other, if you are using IBM POWER, then SUSE Linux will be the option for you. Currently AIX is unable to support SAP HANA.
Will I get any software for this course?
Yes, for SAP HANA Training course we have software. All the attendees can get the software as it is an open source. We will provide a specific URL from where you one can easily download the software. If any candidate has any queries about the software, can contact our 24/7 helpdesk.

With e-learning line a beginner can become a proficient SAP HANA manager after accepting a globally approved certificate. One needs to follow few procedures before getting it from e-Learning Line. Firstly after completion of the classroom lectures, candidates will have to solve a bunch of questions and quiz sets provided by e-Learning Line. After submitting the question sets, different projects will be allotted to the attendees. The last step will be the submission and revision of the project. Once you are done with all the questions sets, projects and quizzes, you are eligible for the certificate.

The candidates will be given a certificate and grading on the basis of their performance throughout the course.

vikash Raj

Diligent and precise. That's what their courses are. So, there was nothing in their course that you can avoid or miss out. The course is compact and much focussed. E-Learning Line is one of the best institutes with fabulous team.

Harshit Mittal

My project on Data Architecture was appreciated. It was all because of the effort of my tutors who were very patient answering my queries. E Learning Line is a pioneer in classroom and online training. Way to go.

antra Kumar

Being a project Manager with a retail organisation, SAP was a necessity. E Learning Lives made things easy for me. I opted for SAP HANA course and it took me one step ahead towards success. Really happy with e-Learning Line.

Nikhil Goyal

The best course in town on SAP HANA. I am happy I was a part of it. I have seen the demo videos in e-Learning Line and they were perfect. So I took the course and today I have joined one of the leading MNCs.

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