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To get hands-on experience and knowledge on Hadoop eco system and Hadoop administration ELearningLine has introduced this Big Data Hadoop Administrator training course. This training course can be attended in 3 different modes, self-training, instructor led and classroom. Hadoop or Apache Hadoop is a software framework that is written on Java. It is an open source software and use for distributed processing and storage of large data. Those huge data, Hadoop works on, are from computer clusters which are built from commodity hardware.

Big Data Hadoop Administrator Training Course:

To get hands-on experience and knowledge on Hadoop eco system and Hadoop administration e-learning line has introduced this Big Data Hadoop Administrator training course. This training course can be attended in 3 different modes, self-training, instructor led and classroom. Hadoop or Apache Hadoop is a software framework that is written on Java. It is an open source software and use for distributed processing and storage of large data. Those huge data, Hadoop works on, are from computer clusters which are built from commodity hardware.

About the course:

The following course Big Data Hadoop Administrator Training course is made for the people who want to become a successful Hadoop Architects. The course covers areas like

  1. Fundamental concepts of Apache Hadoop and Cluster Hadoop
  2. Concept of HBase Administration
  3. Insights of Hadoop, MapReduce and Yarn
  4. Infrastructure of Hadoop cluster settings
  5. Deployment security of backup and restore
  6. Backup and restore node failure options
  7. Manage, monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot of Hadoop and such.

Along with all these mentioned areas, the course also teaches in-depth installation and implementation of Hadoop cluster.

Objective of the Course:

The course is organised for the candidates who want to start their career as Hadoop administrator or a Hadoop architect. The objective of the course includes

  1. Learning Hadoop architecture in details
  2. Understanding HDFS – Hadoop Distributed File System
  3. How to maintain Hadoop Cluster
  4. Learning about YARN
  5. Dealing with Hadoop failure, Backup and restore
  6. Based on different job requirement, optimizing Hadoop for better performance
  7. Learning about components of Hadoop eco system viz. Pig, Hive, Ganglia, Impala, Sqoop and such.

Under e-learning line one can learn about so many issues related to Hadoop administration and also become a pro in Hadoop Cluster.

Key Features
E-learning line helps in achieving the expertise in the relevant field. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, Big Data Hadoop Administrator course with e-learning line will help you to build a strong IT platform by providing

Online Sessions: E-learning line provides more than 18 hours of online classes or each course with expert instructors from relevant field. You can select a batch as per your convenience and also can reschedule it and continue your class with other running batches. You can also get the recorded sessions later through our Learning Management System.
Lab practices of real life projects: Along with online classes, e-learning line offers you 35+ hours of lab practices that bring the opportunity to gather hands-on experience in real life projects related to Big Data Hadoop Administrator training. Each and every student will get an opportunity to handle such projects after completion of the online sessions.
Expert instructors: More than 10 instructors are here for the instructor led online courses on Big Data Hadoop and other courses. These experts come and join our hands from across the planet to enhance your knowledge and skill on the related training courses.
Lifelong access to your study materials: Through LMS, you can access your study material though out your life. Whenever you want to take a look at the sessions or study materials or your projects, you can smoothly access them through LMS.
24x7 support desk: E-learning line has 24/7 help desk for the candidates. You can drop your queries at any time at our support desk and our customer service executives will be there to help you with your issues.
A registered certificate: After completing each course you will get a chance to receive a certificate from e-learning line. We have a team of expert leaders who will review your practical projects on Big Data Hadoop Administrator training and once submitted successfully, you will earn a skill certificate from us.
Guidance to resume preparation: E-learning line also provides you thorough guidance in preparing your resume and lends a hand to post job applications further. Students who are beginners and unaware of corporate world, will also be guided by our faculties to update their resume.
Apart from these mentioned features there are other features like focus oriented course and real life projects and workshops are there with the course to lend a hand to the students for understanding the real life scenario.


To attend the Big Data Hadoop Administrator Training course one does not need to have Hadoop knowledge. However, one must have following eligibility criteria to attend the course:

  1. Basic knowledge of Java and
  2. Minimum graduate from recognized university with IT major or
  3. Minimum 6 months experience in Big Data world

Big Data Hadoop Administrator Course is designed to acquire hands-on experience in Hadoop Architecture, so generally the course can be taken by any professionals form IT sector or any student who is willing to start up her/his career in Big Data world.



The following assignments are decorated for the mentioned course

Assignment 1: Introduction to Hadoop 
  1. Apache Hadoop – definition
  2. Components
  3. Hadoop Architecture
  4. Hadoop vs. Traditional systems
Assignment 2: Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and working with HDFS
  1. HDFS basics and definition
  2. Architecture and design
  3. File storage in HDFS
  4. Failure and restore
  5. Configuration of hardware and software
  6. Cluster planning
  7. Commands and operations
  8. “distcp” and data copying
  9. File read in HDFS
Assignment 3: Hadoop cluster configuration
  1. Configuration basics
  2. Configuration files in Hadoop
  3. HDFS and MapReduce configuration parameters
  4. ‘exclude’ and ‘include’ configuration files
  5. Environment setup in Hadoop
Assignment 4: Concept of MapReduce and working with MapReduce
  1. MapReduce definition, terminology and basics
  2. Components: failure and restore
  3. Process and evolution
Assignment 5: Hadoop deployment
  1. Types of deployment
  2. Competitors
  3. Distribution options
  4. Installation process
  5. Distribution architecture
Assignment 6: Hadoop Administration, maintain, monitoring and managing
  1. Edit log and file system image
  2. Datanode / namenode directory structure
  3. Failure and recover, Safe mode
  4. Data backup
  5. Checkpoint process
  6. Using logs to monitor and troubleshoot Hadoop
  7. Problems and solutions
Assignment 7: multi-node cluster and job scheduling
  1. Scheduling Hadoop jobs on same cluster
  2. Fair scheduler configuration
  3. FIFO Schedule
  4. MapReduce job on cluster
  5. Security, high availability and YARN
  6. Creation of 4 node cluster using Amazon EC2
Assignment 8: Case study
  1. Case studies on hadoop administrator real life cases and hadoop jobs scheduling
Assignment 9: Projects and Workshop
  1. Practical projects on running hadoop jobs on cluster and creating multi node cluster.

Along with all these assignments there are also practical projects to have hands-on experience in Hadoop administration and architecture.

What platforms do I need to run Hadoop?
Linux and Windows are the best platforms to run Hadoop but also Mac OS and OpenSolaris work well. Another thing to remember is Java 1.6.x version or higher is recommended for Hadoop.
Is there any specific system to run Hadoop?
Yes, there is a specific system to run Hadoop. One needs to have couple of things in his or her system to run it: 64-bit operating system and 4GB RAM.
What are Hadoop professional titles?
The professional titles of Hadoop are Hadoop developer, Hadoop architects, Data scientists, Hadoop Administrators and so many other titles.
Can I run Hadoop on Amazon EC2 and S3?
Yes, one can run Hadoop on Amazon EC2 and also can run on S3. For S3, there are 2 system files Hadoop provides, Native File System and Block File System. Also one can use S3 as input/output for MapReduce Job.
Who are the users of Hadoop in recent date?
There are quite a lot of organisations that use Hadoop in current date. Some of the prominent names of organisations that are using Hadoop these days are Fortune 50, Yahoo!, and Facebook. provides a registered certificate to all the participants who have successfully completed the course. For each course there is different certification that one can receive. After completion of the course with, one can receive a registered certificate. For each course either self-training or instructor led or classroom, an individual can receive a certificate. After completion of the assignments each and every students will get a real life projects related to the mentioned course. Everyone needs to complete the project and submit for the revision.

Once the review by expert leaders is done and participants complete the project successfully, he/she can receive the “Big Data Hadoop Administrator Training certification” from Also an individual needs o clear all the exams related to the course to get the certificate.

Bhakti Mistry

Got to work with real techies, The project work at the end of the course was fun for me. I have finally got to work under real techies and corporate people. I loved the course and love e-learning line more.

Hamid Nawaz Malik

24/7 help desk is awesome, I took up the course after watching the demo video. However, after some time i have faced little issues with terminologies and concept, as mentioned in the website I called to their support desk and got immediate help from them. They have helped me with exam issues and also my missing lectures.

Charul Kumar

Apt for professionals, I am a big data professional but wanted to get a certificate on Hadoop administrator training for my promotion. I joined e-learning line and attended the course. Just after receiving my certifications on Hadoop administrator training course I have promoted to tech lead. Thanks e-learning line for this opportunity.

Tanmeet Kaur

Very useful for the beginners, I did not have any concept of Big Data Hadoop. So I took up the course. The course is fantastic and very easy to learn. Being a beginner I did not face any difficulties during any stage of the course. While doing the project I could relate the classroom sessions in practical application. I am very happy with the course.

swati Jaiswal

Hadoop administrator course is fabulous, I have been with e-learning line since a year now. I have opted for few courses and would like to say this one is the best of all. Especially the real life projects are quite enjoyable and interesting. The course covers almost each corner of Hadoop administration that is the best thing about it.

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40 Hrs of Real Time Projects
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Resume and Interview Support

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