Conversion Optimization

What is Conversion Optimisation? Looking at the current scenario, it can be said that in the world of Digital Marketing, the exercise of increasing traffic or visitors to a particular website which then convert it into large number of customers is called Conversion Optimisation. This course is designed to impart to the participants with the knowledge of effectively dealing with the various facets of Conversion Optimisation.

In this course we will take the participants through the basics of Conversion Marketing which will help them to increase website traffic with a larger probability of converting visitors to customers. It helps candidates to learn about the tools and technologies that continuously increase the rate of conversion on websites, micro sites and also landing pages.

What is Conversion Optimisation?

Looking at the current scenario, it can be said that in the world of Digital Marketing, the exercise of increasing traffic or visitors to a particular website which then convert it into large number of customers is called Conversion Optimisation. It is inevitable that conversion rate is very important for the ecommerce websites and those sites where transaction takes place. But for other websites also conversion rate optimisation is equally important for the business. Through CRO one can increase sales and business but also one must learn the reasons behind failure of conversion or why is conversion not working properly. 

About the course

This course is designed to impart to the participants with the knowledge of effectively dealing with the various facets of Conversion Optimisation. The course will cover areas like:

  1. Techniques to improve traffic
  2. Define your website's conversions and also what micro-conversion rates are
  3. Creation of the perfect landing page
  4. Best practises for multivariate testing and A/B
  5. Pay Per Click conversion strategies
  6. Conversion planning, designing, analytics
  7. Product page optimisation
  8. Various testing methods

The above areas will require in depth tutoring which the course will provide the participants with.

Objective of the course:

In this conversion optimisation training course, e-learning line provides skill and knowledge of using latest tools and technologies to optimise conversion rate. After completion of the course one will be able to gather facts about:

  1. The key elements of a Conversion Rate Optimisation strategy
  2. Setting up, implement and measure A/B split-tests
  3. Negatively impacting factors on conversions
  4. Implementation of CRO for your website, email or app.
  5. Increasing revenue with constant marketing budget
  6. Creation of strong strategy to increase rate of conversion

These are the main objectives of the course. With e-learning line candidates will also be able to learn about recent facts and failures of CRO which will help them to find out latest solutions to the problems. By the end of the course, candidates will become pro in digital marketing.

Advantages of the course:

The course is organised in such a way that even a beginner can take it up. The biggest advantage of taking up the course is, it provides latest technologies that are apt for recent world. The other advantages include:

  1. Gather knowledge on several aspects of CRO
  2. Learn how repetition takes place in conversion optimisation
  3. Gain huge information on how strategies and methodologies work for successful ad campaign
  4. Know how one can use several testing hypothesis and different ideas for online branding
  5. Finally the certificate from e-learning line that will help one to become a professional after completing the course.

To take up the Conversion Optimisation Training Course one must have following eligibility criteria:

  1. A Bachelor’s or a Master’s Degree
  2. Have some competency in Marketing Communications
  3. Proficiency in the English Language

Also note that it is not necessary for a person to be a digital marketing pro before taking up the course. a minimum and basic knowledge of online marketing can be a big help to attend this course under e-learning line. The course can also be attended by professionals as well.

Key Features

E-learning line helps in achieving the expertise in the relevant field. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, Pay per Click Advertising training course with e-learning line will help you to build a strong IT platform by providing

Online Sessions: You can select a batch as per your convenience and also can reschedule it and continue your class with other running batches. You can also get the recorded sessions later through our Learning Management System.

Lab practices of real life projects: Along with online classes, e-learning line offers you 35+ hours of lab practices that bring the opportunity to gather hands-on experience in real life projects related to pay per Click Advertising training. Each and every student will get an opportunity to handle such projects after completion of the online sessions.

Expert instructors: More than 10 instructors are here for the instructor led online courses on Pay per Click Advertising. These experts come and join our hands from across the planet to enhance your knowledge and skill on the related training courses.

Lifelong access to your study materials: Through LMS, you can access your study material throughout your life. Whenever you want to take a look at the sessions or study materials or your projects, you can smoothly access them through LMS.

24x7 support desk: E-learning line has 24/7 help desk for the candidates. You can drop your queries at any time at our support desk and our customer service executives will be there to help you with your issues.

A registered certificate: After completing each course you will get a chance to receive a certificate from e-learning line. We have a team of expert leaders who will review your practical projects on Pay per Click Advertising Training and once submitted successfully, you will earn a skill certificate from us.

Guidance to resume preparation: E-learning line also provides you thorough guidance in preparing your resume and lends a hand to post job applications further. Students who are beginners and unaware of corporate world, will also be guided by our faculties to update their resume.


Apart from these mentioned features there are other features like focus oriented course and real life projects and workshops are there with the course to lend a hand to the students for understanding the real life scenario.


 The following Course curriculums are needed to be finished before getting the certificate for Email Marketing:

 Assignment 1:  Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) 
  1. Understanding CRO
  2. The critical role of Eye-Path
  3. Improving a web page’s Visual Sequence
  4. What is Thought Sequence and its importance
  5. The importance of perceived value and cost 
Assignment 2: Value Proposition and CRO 
  1. Expressing  your Value Proposition to improve outcomes
  2. How to find evidence to support your Value Proposition
  3. Confirmation of the validity of your Value Proposition
  4. Decide which of the Value Propositions is to use when you’ve more than one
  5. The types of Value Propositions: 6 types
  6. The essential qualities of an effective Value Proposition: 3 qualities
Assignment 3: Friction - Minimising Customer Effort
  1. Friction - Introduction
  2. Understanding what is funnel length
  3. When to use long versus short pages
  4. Designing forms to minimise friction
  5. How incentive plays role to counter perceived friction
  6. The issue of multiple Call-To-Actions and choice
Assignment 4: Anxiety - Minimised Perceived Risk
  1. Impact of Anxiety on potential conversions
  2. Understanding Anxiety and its types.
  3. How to address each type
  4. How to discover if your visitors have Anxiety
Assignment 5: Moment of Orientation - The Critical First 5 Seconds
  1. Understanding the critical 5 seconds:
  2.  Discovering orientation issues with analytics
  3. The vital importance of scent
  4. Overview of the 4 essential elements for all landing pages
  5. Advantages of using a familiar template
  6. Why and how to perform a 5-second test
  7. The 3 questions all landing pages must answer
Assignment 6: A/B Split-Testing
  1. A/B split-testing methodology
  2. Popular A/B split-testing tools
  3. Setting up a successful A/B split-test
  4. The 4 mistakes often made when A/B testing
  5. The importance of Statistical Significance
Assignment 7: Projects and Workshop
What is the CRO all about?
CRO is basically a way where the conversion of visitors into customers takes place and it lets one to increase their visits to your website. It involves roles from lead-generated ads to the post-sale activities and follow-ups. The basic focus is to find out which portion of the sales will bring maximum revenue yet minimum work.
What topics does the training cover?
It covers everything that you needed to know about CRO. It gives you the complete view required for greater revenue. Also it covers leading key techniques for CRO such as home page, product page, landing page and site search optimisation, their examples and best practices. Topics like checkout optimisation and conversion optimisation strategies are also covered in the course.
Is it relevant?
Yes, the course is very much relevant in today’s digital world. Especially since higher visitors mean greater scope of earning for every website owner, the course is a source of making immense money through marketing. Also the course and the topics related to conversion optimisation help to spread the business ideas throughout the globe.
Will I get the software?
With e-learning line you can get everything that one needs to download for the courses he/she is studying. You will easily get the software in the form of a link provided by e-learning line, from where you can download the same, since it is an open source accessible for the students.
What are the criteria to attend the training?
Candidates should have knowledge about the popular search engines and MS Word suite which must include Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

After completion of the classroom sessions, candidates will be given a set of questions that must be solved by the students. Followed by these questions, candidates also need to handle a real life project on Conversion Optimisation that must be finished and submitted within a given period of time.

Once the project is submitted and reviewed by the industry’s best practitioners, candidates are eligible to receive a globally approved certificate coupled with grades based on their performance

Udit Doshi

The quizzes and the tests were fantastic. It really helped me answer most of my queries. Also the lab practices that are organised by e-learning line were fabulous.

Tanvi Doshi

The Instructor led online has been a great learning experience. The instructors are well equipped and also their training process was swift and simple.

Jaswinder Dosanjh

This is a fantastic course. I have started implementing them from day one on my website. Especially the software that I have downloaded from the source was a big help.

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