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Healthcare Business Analysts are responsible for identifying needs for change, assessing the impact of the change, capturing and documenting requirements and then ensuring that those requirements are delivered though supporting the business from the implementation process.


Healthcare Business Analyst is responsible for identifying needs for change, assessing the impact of the change, capturing and documenting requirements and then ensuring that those requirements are delivered though supporting the business from the implementation process. IT solutions have found its root in each and every field and healthcare sector is not an exception to the rule. Modern healthcare industry is more or less depended on the IT sector. The healthcare industry was going very slow in the implementation of healthcare IT solutions for the very reason that the industry depends more on individual knowledge and judgment than the IT itself. Despite the fact that information technology can not be a substitute for human brains; modern healthcare is highly depended on IT.

Healthcare IT refers to the use of both computer hardware and software that deals with the storage, retrieval, sharing, and use of health care information, data, and knowledge for communication and decision making. Healthcare IT provides the framework which describes the comprehensive management of health information across computerized systems and its secure exchange of information between consumers, providers, government and quality entities, and insurers. Health information technology (HIT) is in general increasingly viewed as the most promising tool for improving the overall quality, safety and efficiency of the health delivery system and is now accepted globally. This includes assisting doctors as coders, clinical work as medical assistant, preparing medical bills for insurance companies, and billing coding procedures. Other things include preparing patients for medical exams, filing, and fixing appointments. Such work must be done with extreme care and one must first learn to carry out these responsibilities.

  1. Understand and justify the role of the Business Analyst in the healthcare IT domain
  2. Describe the Business Analyst's relationships with healthcare and IT stakeholders
  3. Understand the healthcare (Payer and Provider) project lifecycle and the BA's role within project (including how this is affected by approaches using Agile or traditional waterfall model)
  4. Understand the importance of project definition and scope
  5. Understand and use the basic principles and rules of Business Analysis
  6. Understand and use basic process modelling techniques (BPMN)
  7. Understand the different types of requirement and the need for requirements documentation
  8. Elicit and document functional and non-functional requirements
  9. Understand and gain hands on experience about the basic competencies required to work as a BA in the healthcare IT sector
  10. Be aware of employers need when applying for Healthcare Business Analysts job
  11. Understand how to find best suited position of Healthcare Business Analyst
Key Features:
  1. 30+ Hrs of Instructor Led Online Class
  2. One of the best curriculum and in sync with latest Healthcare IT standards
  3. Real Time Projects and Assignments
  4. Role specific Training
  5. Study material access like eBooks, video recording, PPTs, PDFs etc
  6. Life time access to Self-Paced e-Learning content.
  7. Resume and Interview Tips
  8. Real time projects / assignments
  9. 100% money back.
  1. This course is suitable for:
  2. IT Business Analysts and System Analysts
  3. IT Quality Assurance (Testing).
  4. Non IT professionals aspiring to get into Healthcare IT Industry.
  5. Self-taught IT Business Analysts and Quality Assurance wanting to fill in the gaps and put all the pieces together
  6. Technical people who are interested in expanding their role into Healthcare IT.
  7. Executives and Managers want to get into Healthcare Industry
  8. Have recently employed as a Healthcare Business Analyst
  9. Are expected to complete some Business Analysis work as part of their role, but may not be a full time Healthcare Business Analyst
  10. The course is also suited to anyone embarking on a career within IT or project management who requires an understanding of the Healthcare IT domain as Business Analyst role and the need for robust requirements.



Business Analysis Basics
  1. Definition: Business Problem, Project Work and Operational;
  2. Introduction to project Team;
  3. Do’s & don’ts of BA?
  4. Requirement Gathering versus Elicitation
  5. Types of Requirements: with– EXAMPLES
Business Analysis Deliverable: BRD & Business Process flows
  1. Requirements (using waterfall and Agile model)
  2. Data Flow Diagrams
  3. Current Process Flow, Future Process flows
Business Analysis Deliverable Part 2: Use cases
  1. Use Cases
  2. User Scenarios
  3. User Stories
Healthcare Introduction
  1. Overview
  2. Medicare vs Medicaid
  3. Payer vs Provider
Business Analysis Tools & Healthcare Tools
  1. HPQC- ALM
  2. Visual Use Case or similar tools
  4. FACETS Overview
  5. EMR & EHR System Overview
  6. Lab Book & LIMS
Healthcare mandates and Acronyms
  1. Healthcare in USA
  2. Healthcare reform and other mandates
  3. Jobs in the healthcare industry MCD, MCR, MMIS, HIX
  4. Health Insurance Concepts: Premium, Deductible, Co-pay, Co-insurance, Exclusions, OOPMax, EHBs, Capitation versus FFS, In-network, OON, Prior-Auth, Pre-cert, EOB, EOP etc.
  5. Common terms in healthcare interview.
Types of Insurance & Healthcare Insurance Exchange (HIX)
  1. HIX and HUB Overview
  2. State-run HIX vs Federal HIX
  3. Functions of the exchange – eligibility, enrollment, benefit- plan management, risk, re-insurance & risk
  4. EDI & Claims
  5. What are EDI transactions, different types, ANSI, ASCX12, EDIX12
  6. HIPAA EDI 837, 834, 835, 820, 270, 271, 277, 278
  7. EDI implementation guides vs Companion guides
  8. EDI transaction parts – loops, segments, delimiters
  9. Claims lifecycle from billing to payment
  10. Revenue Cycle Management
ICD Overview
  1. CPT Coding
  2. Modifiers
  3. Unlisted Codes
  4. HCPC National Level II Codes
  5. CPT Coding with Manual
  6. ICD History
  7. Why ICD codes?
  8. ICD Codes – What does it tell us?
  9. Use of ICD codes
  10. Anatomy and Terminology for Coders
  11. Advanced Anatomy and Terminology for Coders
  12. Coding for the Non-Coder Preparation Analyzer
  13. Anatomy and Terminology Essentials from an ICD-10-CM Perspective
  14. Anatomy and Terminology Essentials from an ICD-10-PCS Perspective
  15. General Equivalence Mappings (GEMs)
  16. ICD 10 Implementation phases
  17. ICD-10 Release Timeliness
  18. ICD-10 Impact to Payer
Provider Sector
  1. EMR/EHR
  2. EMR Implementation Projects
  3. LIMS/Lab book projects
  4. Revenue Cycle Management Projects
JAD Session
  1. JAD Session –hand on experience
Resume Preparation
  1. Resume Review
  2. Resume Preparation Tips
  3. Sample Resumes
Interview Preparation:
  1. Mock Interviews
  2. Interview Preparation Tips
  3. Sample Interview Questions
  4. How to clear an Interview
1. What is Healthcare business analysis?
Business Analysis is a process where an analyst is required to analyze the need of the change using the industry best tools and standards. All this is required in the Healthcare IT sector.
2. Who is a Healthcare Business Analyst (BA)?
Business Analyst is the role with defined set of responsibilities. Anyone who is performing the analysis activities in Healthcare domain, considered an analyst.
3. What are the other job titles for Healthcare business analysts?
Other the Healthcare Business Analyst, you may hear the titles like healthcare system analyst, healthcare data analyst, healthcare product analyst, healthcare process analyst, healthcare business system analyst etc.
4. How to become a healthcare business analyst?
There are several ways to learn about this role. You may choose the industries best training providers to enhance your knowledge. Another way is to learn from google. But remember that without having a good mentor you will not learn about the day to day challenges and the issues of the Healthcare industry BA position. To clear an interview these things are important to know. More than that you need to know in depth knowledge of the healthcare domain to be a good fit for this position.
5. What should I look for in a Healthcare BA training provider?
As an individual you should look for the topics covered by the training provider. Trainers experience in the relevant field of IT and the healthcare domain.

Abhay Nidiganthi

Your: Creativity will DANCE! , Common-Sense will SING!! , & Talent will SMILE!!! Needless to say this: I have never seen Susmita Kumari in my real life. I am not her friend, nor I am her relative. I write here what I just experienced at my Healthcare BA on-line class led by this lady. Firstly, she waits a few minutes - making sure everyone is there and the online connection is effective to start the class. At every class, she welcomes participants & introduces the content for that particular class clearly. Susmita explains every topic slowly & ask you to participate actively by observing & asking questions to her teaching. If you do not ask questions, she will ask you questions. Can you now feel the situation? I was really surprised here!!! Hence, there is no other way out; your creativity is being inspired - It will JUMP DANCING! Secondly, in her early classes; she teaches the basic industry language terminology and its practical use in healthcare jobs by attracting your full attenti

Monica M

I must say that Addiox have the expertise in healthcare.They have the knowledgebase/Blog and the great access to the trainer.Any question I posted to the instructor and I was able to get the answer shortly.There marketing/placement team is very helpful.Finally I got the job.Thankyou Addiox for the great training.

Pradeep Jha

One of the best training, With a change in career in mind and the uncertainty that comes along with, I think ELearningLine is one of the kind that provides the workshop and builds the confidence. A lot of healthcare materials in the blog, and some are current and future prospects in the health industry. Great help. Had the privilege to work with Sushmita. She is dedicated and is passionate about what she does. Great learning environment and very professional.

Surya dhakal

Efficient Training on BA Health care So for we are at the end of our heath care training. I must say the class was full of vast of knowledge relating to the course outline and the materials provided during the session was effective. The trainer has given her full effort to real time teaching and a feel of the work which we are going to do practically.The participants question answer was clearly replied with example. So far i personally feel that i have enjoyed and learned the methodology and tactics to be an Business Analysts in health care domain.

Divya Avishad

This was a challenging class that I hope will further my career as a Healthcare BA. It was enjoyable, the teacher was caring and seemed to love her job.

Mani Neupane

I was skeptic before starting the healthcare BA training . I was not sure of how well ill understand or fit in the course, but the trainer i:e Sushmitha Kumari made it so much fun for the whole class n i started to enjoy my training.. i looked forward to her classes because she is very knowledgeable and goes out of her way to explain any issue one comes across. She does not hesitate to explain...

Asif Haque

No word for the training.I love the energy of the trainer.I can bet there is no other program like elearningline.comThey keep updating there course to make sure students are getting the most upto date information about the industry.

jay abed

Worlds best training by Sushmita Kumari How come anyone have answer to all the questions?Trainer is really very good.She love to teach and spend time with the student and answer the question.Project and the assignment is very latest.There knowledge base is full of information.

Deepali Yadav

Best training anyone can expect!!!!Credit goes to the trainer.Also the company policy is very transparent.People are very honest!!!No false information.I love this company and the staff!!!!

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30+ Hours of E-Learning content
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22 PD Hours Certirficate
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Resume and Interview Prepration
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