ETL Testing

ETL Testing is a course from E-Learning Line that teaches details about ETL testing, RDBMS, OLAP vs. OLTP, Database testing, Data warehouse and much more. E-Learning Line has designed the course in such a way that each candidate from beginners to professionals can take up the course.

About the course:

ETL stands for Extract-Transform-Load and it is a procedure of how data is loaded from the several source systems to the data warehouse.  Data is extracted from an OLTP database, converted to match the data warehouse schema and loaded into the data warehouse database.  Many data warehouses also integrate data from non-OLTP systems such as text files, legacy systems and spreadsheets. 

ETL testing is performed in 5 phases

  1.  Classifying data sources and requirements
  2. Data acquisition
  3. Implement business logics and dimensional Modelling
  4. Build and populate data
  5. Construct Reports
Some of the key responsibilities of an ETL tester are
  1. Test ETL software
  2. Test modules of ETL data warehouse
  3. Execute database data-driven test
  4. Create, design and execute test cases, test plans and test harness
  5. Identify the problem and provide solutions for potential issues
  6. Data transfers and Test flat file
  7. Writing custom SQL queries for various scenarios
Objective of the course:

The course is set for beginners as well as professionals. The main objectives of the course are:

  1. Gather hands-on knowledge and skill on ETL testing and features
  2. Learn about test case creation, designing and execution
  3. Knowing the common problems of testing and recovering them effectively
  4. Gain knowledge on OLTP and OLAP
  5. Working with best industry practitioner in real life projects
  6. Certifications after completion of the course from e-Learning Line
Advantage of the course:

The course has immense learning as well as career benefits. The most important advantages are:

  1. Learning Reporting data analyzing
  2. Learning Data Model Review analyzing
  3. How to Source data and its assessment analyzing
  4. Testers can get idea about several testing methods such as Schema Testing, Performance Testing and Packages Testing
  5. Learn Data transformation analyze and methods
  6. Learn Data comparison and data quality check
Key Features
  1. 12 hours of High-Quality In-depth E-Learning videos
  2. 24 hours of Exercises
  3. 70% of extensive learning through Hands-on exercises, Project Work, Assignments and Quizzes
  4. 24X7 access and support
  5. Guidance to Resume Preparation and Job Assistance
  6. Step -by- step Installation of Software
  7. Course Completion Certificate
Who can take ETL training?
  1. Professionals aspiring to become Business Object Professionals
  2. Business Intelligence Professionals or ETL Developers
  3. Project Managers, Database Professionals, Mainframe Professionals,
  4. SQL Developers or Quality assurance professionals


ETL Testing Overview, OLTP vs. OLAP

  1. Overview of ETL testing
  2. Concepts of Business Intelligence
  3. Lifecycle of ETL testing
  4. Core concepts of Database
  5. Difference between OLTP and OLAP
  6. Concepts of Data Warehousing

RDBMS Overview, Comparison between Database Testing vs Data Warehousing

  1. What is RDBMS?
  2. Concepts of relational databases
  3. Data Types
  4. Integrity Constraints
  5. Comparison between Database Testing and Data Warehouse Testing

Workflow and Case Study in data Warehousing

  1. Workflow for Data Warehouse
  2. Various Scenarios in ETL Testing
  3. Data Warehouse Testing
  4. ETL Mapping
  5. Data Loss/Mismatch Testing

Testing Scenarios

  1. Testing Scenario Matrix
  2. Constraint Testing
  3. Source to Target Testing
  4. Business Rules Testing
  5. Negative Scenarios Testing
  6. Dependency Testing
  7. Error Handling Testing

Data Checks with SQL

  1. Database Structure
  2. SQL for Testers
  3. Data Checks using SQL
  4. Examples of SQL Scripts

BI Testing and its Scope

  1. Check List – ETL Tester
  2. Key responsibilities of the Tester
  3. SCD Testing
  4. CUBE Testing
  5. BI testing and its scope

Projects and case studies

What are the various tools used in ETL?
Below are the most popular tools:
• Cognos Decision Stream
• SAS Enterprise ETL server
• Oracle Warehouse Builder
• Business Objects XI
• SAS business warehouse
What are the types of data warehouse applications?
The types of data warehouse applications are
• Info Processing
• Analytical Processing
• Data Mining
What is the difference between data mining and data warehousing?
Data warehousing is the process of aggregating data from multiple sources into one common repository whereas data mining can be defined as the process of extracting hidden predictive information from large databases and interpret the data while data warehousing may make use of a data mine for analytical processing of the data in a faster way.
What is transformation in ETL?
In ETL Transformation can be of two types. The types are Active and passive Transformation. It is a repository object which generates, modifies or passes data.
What is data source view?
A data source view allows defining the relational schema which will be used in the analysis services databases. Rather than directly from data source objects, dimensions and cubes are created from data source views.

Quality CertificateCertification

After completion of the entire ETL Testing Course under e-Learning Line each candidate will receive a ‘course completion certificate’. Each attendee can get the certificates after:

  1. Finishing the classroom sessions successfully
  2. Completion of the quiz sets
  3. Submission of the projects successfully

Hemani Garg

The best thing about e-Learning Line is their online videos of missed classes. I have missed couple of lectures and got all the videos later from the website. That definitely helped me to understand all the course materials. I love everything about e-Learning Line. Highly recommended to all.

Manik Garg

It was a roller coaster ride for me with e-Learning Line. When I have taken the course I wasn’t sure whether I could do it or not, but I must say the instructor was fun and fabulous to be with. He is patient and was there all the while to guide me with my problems. I am very satisfied and very happy with e-Learning Line.

Gautam Kumar Goyal

The course curriculum was fabulous. It covers so many points on ETL Testing. Also the real life case studies and projects were amazing to work on. I was a fresher but after completing the course with e-Learning Line I have become a professional tester.

Nikhil Goyal

I have taken couple of courses under e-Learning Line so I trust them a lot. They are the best among all. Recently I have taken ETL Testing course and it was brilliant. I have become a Team Leader in my company. Thanks e-Learning Line.

Sanah Gumber

I was a business intelligence professional working with an MNC. I came to know about the ETL Testing course in e-Learning Line and without wasting time I have taken up the course. It helped me a lot to know various aspects of testing and methods.

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 Course Features

20+ hrs of High-Quality E-Learning
20+ hrs of High-Quality In-depth E-Learning videos
20+ hrs of Real Life Project
20+ hrs of Real Life Project
Step -by- step Installation of Software
Step -by- step Installation of Software
Gain knowledge on OLTP and OLAP
Gain knowledge on OLTP and OLAP
Resume Preparation and Job Assistance
Guidance to Resume Preparation and Job Assistance

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