How to Become a SAP Consultant

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by George G - Thursday, January 28, 2016, 8:02 AM
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SAP is one of the largest software firms in the world today. It strives to provide businesses with technological solutions needed for daily business operations. Technology is undeniably an integral part of today’s business. On one hand, business owners require technology to run their operations faster and more efficiently. Customers, on the other hand, rely on technology for shopping. It’s for this reason that companies such as SAP have continued to evolve.

What Is SAP?
SAP stands for System, Applications and Products. The company strives to develop systems and programs that can provide business owners with solutions to problems they face when carrying out their business operations. Apart from helping business owners, SAP has also created numerous employment opportunities. For instance, many technology specialists today are trying hard to become SAP consultants. However, for you to become a SAP consultant there are certain essential prerequisites you need to fulfill.
Becoming a SAP Consultant
For starters, outline the reasons why you wish to serve as a SAP consultant. Some people want to be associated with SAP because it is the leading software firm in the world. Others are looking for a chance to make a quick buck. Whatever the reason you have for embarking on this venture, make sure you have a clear understanding of what the job entails. There are several types of SAP consultants. Each of them serves a specific purpose. It’s critical to understand these aspects before you venture into the business.
Categories of SAP Consultants
• SAP Developer Consultants: They are charged with the responsibility of coding ABAP or JAVA programs.
• SAP Basis Consultants: They install, service, and tune SAP servers and files.
• SAP business/sales consultants: They are charged with selling SAP to customers.
• SAP Functional Consultants: They customize SAP according to customer preferences.
For you to fit in any of these categories, you need to have the necessary skills. However, some of these skills will vary with the amount of experience you have. These are some of the most important skills that virtually all SAP employers seek.
• Good communication skills: As a professional consultant, you need to be articulate and convincing in every way possible. You have to be good at breaking down technical information.
• Extensive SAP knowledge of specific module
• Good knowledge of banking, telecommunication, and other domain requirements
• A good team player and a problem solver
A good academic background is needed for any kind of SAP consultant position. Most employers prefer a SAP consultant who has completed at least a degree course such as B.E or BSc. You also need a valid SAP certificate from an approved SAP training associate. SAP training can prove to be an expensive venture although it’s a worthy undertaking. After your SAP consultant course, consider joining an authorized IT consultancy firm such as Deloitte or IBM as a trainee. This will give you the needed exposure and experience to work as a professional SAP consultant. A career in the SAP consulting industry can be rewarding if you have enough experience.