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The Sigma Green Belt certified professional are best known for enhancing the operational excellence through removing the defects in the process. It also streamlines the process by identifying the best technique and strategy to be followed to get the optimum benefit of the resources without decorating the quality of the product. It always gives emphasis to the quality of the outcome.

It has been seen that a Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (CSSGB) gets 25% extra pay in comparison with a non Certified Six Sigma Green Belt professional.

Elearningline provide top quality instructors and course content for the training courses.

The certification helps in driving the revenue to the business and makes the prospective employers to attain operational excellence.  That is the reason, Certified Six Sigma Green Belt professional are treated as the assets of the organization.

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As we know Certified Six Sigma Green Belt always emphasizes on the quality of the output, it is basically associated with identification of the real-world business problems, analyzing and interpreting them to find some best solution to deal with the issue through by streamlining the business process. It always explores the innovative ideas to enhance the performance level without compromising the quality of the process. Thus it contributes to the organization’s revenue and act as an asset to any business.

Candidates successfully accomplished the courses of Certified Green Belt professional are able to perform the roles and can serve the industry as a Quality Analyst, Quality Manager, Supervisor, Finance Manager as well as Quality Control professional.

Researchers say that, in the United States a Certified Green Belt professional gets $89,000 per year approx.

Many employers in the industry like UnitedHealth Group, Volkswagen, GE and Honeywell are now recruiting the professional of Six Sigma certification with attractive pay package.

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by George G - Wednesday, January 20, 2016, 8:11 AM
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The DBMS has a number of advantages as compared to ordinary computer file processing approach. The database administrator (as we say DBA) or users must keep in mind these benefits or capabilities during designing databases, coordinating and monitoring the DBMS.

In traditional computer file processing like spread sheets, each application program has its own files or it is just a single file. In this case, the duplicated copies of the same data are created at many places. In DBMS, all related data of an organization is integrated into a single database. The data is recorded at only one place in the database and it is not duplicated. For an example human resource division may have a list of employees and finance division ay have separate list of employees. But we can maintain single data base with all employee details shared between human resource and finance divisions. Hence DBMS helps to control data redundancy. But In DBMS, the data redundancy can be controlled or reduced but is not removed completely. Sometimes, it is necessary to create duplicate copies of the same data items in order to relate tables with each other.

By controlling the data redundancy, the data consistency is obtained. If a data item appears only once, any update to its value has to be performed only once and the updated value (new value of item) is immediately available to all users. If new employee joins your company you don’t need to update finance department files as well as Account department files

In DBMS, data can be shared by authorized users of the organization. The DB Administrator manages the data and gives rights to users or application programs to access the data. Many users can be authorized to access the same set of information simultaneously. The remote users can also share same data. Hence, the data of same database can be shared between different application programs. So you may share same employee database between payroll system as well as human resource management system.

In DBMS, data in database is stored in tables. A single database contains multiple tables and relationships can be created between tables or associated data entities. This makes easy to retrieve and update data. In employee database may store related family information of the employees. Hence that data can be used to define insurance schemes as well.

Integrity constraints or consistency rules can be applied to database so that the correct data can be entered into database. The constraints may be applied to data item within a single record or they may be applied to relationships between records. For an example age of employee cannot be less than 17 years or each employee must have a id number.

Data security is the protection of the database from unauthorized users. Only the authorized persons are allowed to access the database. Some of the users may be allowed to access only a part of database i.e., the data that is related to them or related to their department. Mostly, the DBA or head of a department can access all the data in the database. Some users may be permitted only to retrieve data, whereas others are allowed to retrieve as well as to update data. The database access is controlled by the DBA. He creates the accounts of users and gives rights to access the database.

A operation or transaction in commercial databases is referred to as atomic unit of work. For example, when you purchase something from a point of sale (POS) terminal, a number of tasks are performed such as;

  • Company stock is updated.
  • Amount is added in company’s account.
  • Sales person’s commission increases etc.

All these tasks collectively are called an atomic unit of work or transaction. These tasks must be completed in all; otherwise partially completed tasks are rolled back. Thus through DBMS, it is ensured that only consistent data exists within the database.

In a computer file-based system, if two users are allowed to access data simultaneously, it is possible that they will interfere with each other. For example, if both users attempt to perform update operation on the same record, then one may overwrite the values recorded by the other. Most DBMSs have sub-systems to control the concurrency so that transactions are always recorded with accuracy. For an example two cahiers can issue same item at same time while updating the stock consistently.

In a computer file-based system, the user creates the backup of data regularly to protect the valuable data from damaging due to failures to the computer system or application program. It is a time consuming method, if volume of data is large. Most of the DBMSs provide the ‘backup and recovery’ sub-systems that automatically create the backup of data and restore data if required.

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by George G - Wednesday, January 20, 2016, 8:10 AM
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  • Selenium is a Test Automation tool for Web Applications.  Selenium IDE is an Add-on for Mozilla Firefox.  Using Selenium IDE we can record and playback tests.   Recorded tests will be in a table format.  This can be exported into various programming language formats such as C#, Java / JUnit, Groovy, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, etc.
  • Learning one of these programming languages will be greatly helpful for automating tests with Selenium.  Java is a powerful programming language which gives the power of flexibility & extensibility with lot of open source libraries for various tasks.  With Java we can customize the error handling, logging, reading from external data sources, generating reports, etc.
  • Download Java : , After installation check JAVA folder is available under Program Files
  • Eclipse – Java Editor , (Eclipse IDE for EE developers)
  • Explain to create a java project , class in Eclipse
  • Java is platform independent

Java Features :

  • Simple and Powerful
  • Object oriented
  • Distributed
  • Multithreaded
  • Dynamic
  • Architecture neutral
  • Portable
  • High performance
  • Robust
  • Secure

Many types of computers and operating systems are in use throughout the world—and many are connected to the Internet. Java makes it possible to have the assurance that any result on one computer with Java can be replicated on another. So the code is run in the different platform has a same result.

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by George G - Wednesday, January 20, 2016, 8:08 AM
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Selenium IDE

IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment.

  • Selenium-IDE has a recording feature, which will keep account of user actions as they are performed and store them as a reusable script to play back.
  • It is an Add on for Mozilla Firefox, which means we can download the Selenium IDE from Mozilla Firefox and we can Record and Run the scripts in Mozilla Firefox only.
  • It also has a context menu (right-click) integrated with the Firefox browser, which allows the user to pick from a list of assertions and verification for the selected location
  • We can Run the Recorded scripts against other browsers by using Selenium RC/Web Driver.
  • Selenium IDE allows you to save tests as HTML, Java, Ruby scripts, or any other format


RC stands for Remote Control.

  • It is a Server and launches the Browser.
  • It acts as a API and Library of Selenium.
  • We need to configure the Selenium RC with the supported language, then we can automate the application.


  • Selenium Grid is used for launching the multiple browsers with supported operating system in parallel.
  • We can run the scripts on different browsers in parallel.
  • It allows you to easily run multiple tests in parallel, on multiple machines, in a heterogeneous environment
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by George G - Wednesday, January 20, 2016, 7:54 AM
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Many people think Project Managers are Useless there is no use of them in a system.  They do nothing productive towards the goal of achieving the target. Only the thing that they do is attend lots of meetings, which is the core drawbacks to integrate project management into the developments and enhancements of software programs. If the project management would not have been there then the companies can save millions of bucks getting wasted over, through eating up the productive time in software development.


There is something which you cannot measure in terms of money. The things which cannot be quantified. Here, the efforts of a project manager. However, companies struggle hard to get a desired end result for their software solution. If at the end they get an outcome which is of no use then the entire time, energy and money utilized in the process will go waste. So it is very important to have a plan before starting a project. It is not only convenient for the staff to work in a productive manner, but the project management tool is beneficial financially for the management as well. A  thought out and well-planned design structure of thinking is helpful in achieving the desired target. Thus, with the help of a well organized plan, the team can produce an intentional and deliberate model of working which reduce the time in manual re-work as well as protect the potential loss in profits caused by dissatisfied customers. Many may argue with the fact that keeping project management in the software solution, increasing the overhead cost but you will find it cost effective in the long run. So, on the contrary, it can be said that the idea of eliminating project management will cost much more in the long run.

Often it has been seen that some software development projects are bigger and need years long to writing the codes. In such a situation staring the project without a proper plan is something like placing the cart before the horse.


So during the initial stage of project, Project manager should ensure that everyone must understand the overall scope of the project along with their part of responsibility in accomplishing the project. Planning is necessary for successful completion of the project. Rather sometime a project requires more comprehensive planing while it is associated with more than one functional area.  So lack of intervention of a skilled project manager may cause serious major gaps in the design and the development. It may lead to a compromise with the end result.

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by George G - Tuesday, January 19, 2016, 8:35 AM
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With the advent of computer and advanced technology, people of the current ear become more and more tech savvy. They prefer to do all the activities right from the comforts of their living room. That is the reason they prefer e-Learning over the traditional method of learning process. However the process of e-Learning has a few substantial benefits for students and organizations as well. It offers the civilization a unique opportunity where everybody can grow, people need not have to suffer any more from limited access to training and education. Through the process the mankind is blessed with unprecedented and incessant access to resources and reality. Thus, it can be termed as an innovative and creative approach to shape human behavior.


E-Learning is user centered. Anyone can take advantage of e-Learning system. The learner itself is the hub of an e-Learning structure. The study materials and required activities are intended to keep in view the requirement and interest zone of the learner of the system. The learner can use and apply their learning experience in the field of their own specific needs.


Another thing about e-Learning is that it is self-directed and self-paced. You are not forced to spend a specific amount of time for the learning. The learners can schedule the learning program as per his/her personal choice to spend how much time on a particular topic. The process enables the learner to spend more time on difficult projects and can have a better understanding. The smarter technique of approach helps the individuals to complete their training task education in a better and faster pace as compared to the traditional courses pattern.


The best thing that e-Learning provide is the utilization of a variety of multimedia in e-Learning system. It inevitably enhances student involvement in the subject matter and strengthens the learning experience. Thus going forward it increases retention capability and build a stronger grasp on the subject.


Another benefit of the e-Learning process is the flexibility of the procedure. If you are equipped with the necessary tools then you have the access to your learning anywhere. The learner can get the best training and education, even from thousands of miles of distance. It is good for physically challenged individuals to participate fully. The entire targeted learner can get a consistent and effective training by following the same e-Learning program.


So to conclude it can be said that the process is technical in nature. An individual with minimum required tools and equipment can get into the process, but lack of proper skill and knowledge or having non-access to these tools will not be able to get success in an e-Learning program.


E-Learning provides an effective and consistent training to its user. The whole of the target learners can participate at the same time and will get the same information, irrespective of the diversity of  location. This in fact construct a consistency of the system.

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by George G - Tuesday, January 19, 2016, 8:31 AM
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If we have to go by definition then Quality Assurance (QA) is the resource designation who acts as a technician in the programming world. He/she is responsible for making sure that the list of protocol is followed to validate and verify the design, implementation and the relevant functionality as per the end user. Tester is also responsible for planning out the approach in terms of how the testing will be done.QA will define the set of test cases which will be used during the test execution process.


What are the roles & responsibilities of QA?

Very often people thing QA means he/she is just responsible for finding defects/bugs in the system. But the fact of the matter is QA is responsible for several other tasks like:

  • Analyzing the specifications received from Business Analyst or Client.
  • Creating the test plan document
  • Creating test scenarios and the test matrix
  • Creating/setting up the test bed.
  • Maintaining full defect tracking work flow.
  • Planned communication with the entire team about the each step by step progress of the testing.
  • Managing and executing testing status meeting.

These are the most common roles & responsibilities of QA but not limited to.


Can anyone become a quality assurance analyst?


If you are a detailed oriented person and like to investigate the things then you can think of becoming a QA. The most important skill is the soft skill because no matter what kind of industry you are working on QA has to maintain a very powerful relation with the entire team. So in nut shell QA should have a good analytical ability and interpersonal skills other than being aware of the quality assurance and basic programming concepts.


How much programming I need to know to become a QA?


To become a QA anyone is required to have the basic programming’s knowledge. As long as an individual anyone understand the concepts of the programming such how to write basic queries in database to pull the data/record along with the complete concepts of software testing.

Can I prepare myself for QA without any formal training?

Answer to this question is very simple. Anyone can prepare them self by just going through the free resources available over the internet these days. But that’s not the real world challenge. The challenges comes when you apply for the job and appear for the interview. Interviewer is going to ask the questions which are more situation based. Until and unless one have worked on a project its very less likely to imagine and create the situations by your own. This is the reason even though you are prepared using the free resources but it’s just the 20% of the overall preparation. Then what about the remaining 80%? The remaining 80% you will be prepared by your mentor. You mentor could be any one such as a family member working in the same field, a training who shares there experience with you and fill all the gaps before you apply for the job.

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The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) is the globally accepted approach to the management and delivery of IT Services. The ITIL management is the strategy that allows the industries to act as the market player in the field on Information Technology through collecting, analyzing, and distributing the significant and reliable business information.


The core benefit of this ITIL foundation certification is to maximize product effectiveness while trimming down the response time. ITIL foundation certification serves the industry by reducing resource expenditures and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Industry needs the ITIL professional for the following reasons:

  • To enhance customer satisfaction through implementing a better professional approach of service delivery.
  • To develop IT services through adopting the best practice processes.
  • To get an improved ROI of IT.
  • To heighten the morale of the recipient staff
  • To boost the competence, productivity and capability of IT staff
  • To maintain staff retention
  • To cut down the cost of training
  • To improve systems with a reduced cost
  • To ensure a better utilization of business assets.

Recently most companies in the industry have realized the effectiveness, of ITIL management, which opened the door for the career prospect of ITIL professionals in the growing industry segments including healthcare and higher education. Know about the ITIL training NJ before selecting it for your best career prospect. Start your journey to ITIL foundation certification with the world best ITIL training provider in NJ, the elearningline.


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Microsoft Office Specialist certification provides you the tools to build a brighter future. Like any other Certification, Microsoft Office training in NJ is a voluntary Certification process to distinguish individuals for meeting professional standards. The reorganization procedure is significant as set by an impartial third-party.


Microsoft Office Specialist is the prominent member in the field having all the proficiency of specific knowledge and job-related skills by passing the most standardized Microsoft Office Specialist certification exam.

Elearningline offers you the best quality Microsoft Office training in NJ through best Microsoft Office Specialist expert in the industry. By taking the aforesaid certification training you will have the benefits to:

• Attain industry-recognized certification
• Learn the computing skill which is the most significant thing that today companies are looking for.
• Heighten your workforce resume
• Distinguish yourself from other applicants
• Acquire potential experience and confidence
• Enhance your earning capability.
• Build yourself for a flourishing future.

The core benefit of the MOS certification is enhanced job satisfaction and a great professional worth. MOS validates the Microsoft Office skills and abilities of a prospect; furthermore the certification heightens the career achievement. It helps the industries, academic institutions, business houses and government organizations in many ways.


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