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by George G - Friday, January 22, 2016, 8:16 AM
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Certified associate in project management is a certification which is offered by PMI (Project Management Institution) to give fundamental knowledge on Project Management theme. It can be called CAPM briefly. This certification is based on theoretical and practical knowledge, terms, method, discipline and skills for excellent project management. It is a high level degree and accepted worldwide. This certification helps candidates to add credentials after their names.


Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)  Certification Requirements

It has some clear requirements to complete its demands and utility. Because, the candidate has to work with various tools, in various environment and place as well. Before applying for CAPM a candidate should have below requirements-

  1. Degree:  He/she must have at least secondary degree/diploma alternatively high school certificate on business group.
  2. Experience: A candidate need to have at least 1500 hours working experience of project management.
  3. Additional: A candidate can receive 23 hours education on project management when they sit for the examination. It is optional but important.

These three requirements are greatly consider among CAPM work areas.

Name of Courses Which Helps to CAPM Certification

 There are some major courses which is crying need for certified associated in project management. Without these courses, the preparation for CAPM certification will not full fill. These courses help candidate to cut a good figure in their examination. If anyone think that these courses are not mandatory, they will have to face many difficulties in PM area in their coming lives. The name of the courses are-

These three books are the precautionary steps for CAPM related job.


CAPM Candidates Types

New energetic, promising persons who wants to prosper in their lives through Project Management are applying and receiving this certification. He/she is less or more experienced it does not matter. The matter is how to reduce their ignorance and make them perfect for CAPM. People wants to build up their career on this field usually apply for it. Inversely, People who wants to reach high level of their proficiency also apply for this job.

Benefits of Certified Associate in Project Management

Through CAPM candidates can get their cherished job globally. It provides credentials after their names. Consequently, every well-known organization offers them job with handsome salary and other facilities as well. Apart from, it gives respect and pride at every sector. They can earn up to $100,000 (USD) annually. From company perspective, they can get the better work, techniques, plans through CAPM. They can run fast with competitive business world and new inventions.


CAPM is the most recognized for its easy terms and famous practitioner achievement. It is not only well organized certification but also the most up-to-date certification for project management. It will grow an organization’s as well as a candidate’s levels and take them to the next high levels.

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by George G - Friday, January 22, 2016, 8:15 AM
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Why take training for The big Data ‘Hadoop’?

The advancement in the field of information technology and the continuous growth are driving demand for professionals with big data skills. Now all enterprises, whether big or small are curious to adopt Hadoop and related technologies to manage their big data. The recruiters, analysts and IT managers are openly pointing to this skill availability as a challenge for the recent days and declaring healthy premiums for the person of right skill.

So why does someone take a Hadoop training?

Taking a training or a course in Hadoop will give you the professional attention which will enable you to master the concepts and will enable you to take the challenging examination to clear the Hadoop certification. The training on how to take the Hadoop examination is a lot of value packed into a single course. Anyone can start learning Hadoop, how to become a certified Hadoop developer or how to clear the certification exam of Cloudera?

The answer lies in taking the training to understand the concepts of Hadoop, how to set up Hadoop and mapreduce programming to a level that a person with no knowledge of Hadoop can clear Cloudera certification.

This course enables you to know the rule of the game as things in IT keeps on changing everyday. So to understand this complex technology professional help is needed, which can be attained by doing the course. This course will push you in the right direction and help in learning and becoming a certified Hadoop developer.

The return on investment for this course is huge as the knowledge, certification and higher pay-scales would remain forever. So everyone would need to have the professional attention which will help in great deal in clearing Hadoop certification.

You can get a very clear picture for the demand for Hadoop in the IT job market through the following instance. Recently a couple of big organizations like EBay, JP Morgan Chase, etc. are involved in recruiting professionals for big data Hadoop. In a conference, the vice president of EBay, Mr. Hugh Williams announced their requirement for recruiting Hadoop professionals and suddenly just after a while in the same conference the managing director at JP Morgan Chase, Mr. Larry Feinsmith, in order to pull the crowd towards them offered a 10% increased pay to the Hadoop experts. So this can make you very clear that how the demand for the courses is going on in the IT segment.

With the help of the big data, Hadoop, the enterprise is very much comfortable in storing and managing its huge data volume in a more organized and controlled manner. This also can help them with storing structured as well as unstructured data in a very cost effective manner in order to manage their latest relational database management systems. Most growing enterprises are now very keenly tapping the technology with an intention to store, analyze, manage and retrieve their large data to achieve better insights about the scope of their business and their customers. Thus the growing implementation of Hadoop in the field is driving demand for people with advanced analytic skills.

Therefore the skills required to perform the role need a professional training task in traditional relational database to work with a large data warehouse environments. So people having good skill in the programming language JAVA and C++ can get a very nice opening as the entire industry begins deploying Hadoop. Thus, it is highly suggestible for the novices in the field to take a career course for Hadoop in eLearningLine in order to get into the Hadoop job market. We the eLearningLine have a good deal of contacts in the IT recruitment market who can recognize your skill and give you a break to prove your talent.

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by George G - Friday, January 22, 2016, 8:13 AM
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QTP Certification

Basically, QTP Certification is known as a certified knowledge on computer software and testing automation device. Software tester, Program Engineer, Service Consultant need this certification to increase their knowledge and acquire depth knowledge on it. In addition, to demonstrate the accurate result on testing system, software tester apply the latest testing materials and process.

Candidates can come to know and become specialized by taking this certification. It’s not just a certification, it’s a guide to secure one’s present and future life. It teaches how to work network testing method, VPN security, applied architecture & network security, virus analysis and so on. It is a complete package of IT testing and automation.

Classification of QTP Certification

Candidates need to get certain certifications in order to get higher work vision.

Now-a-days, HP offers two types of QTP Certification and these are-

1. HP AIS ( Functional Testing v11): With the help of this certification a candidate can come to know basic tests and automation. Similarly, he or she can judge their individual abilities. “Prometric Test Centre” provide this certification. Its full form is Accredited Integration Specialist.

2. HP ASE ( Functional Testing v11): Through this certification candidates can gain an experience on virtual lab environment where they learn software application and solve hot solve application problem. ASE’ s full form is Accredited Integration Engineer.

You have to first decide which certificate you want to achieve and work according to Your certification module.

Anyone in the world

The ITIL Foundation certification is a globally recognized entry level qualification gateway for IT Service Management. Elearningline offers you a course package with all the required tips and tricks to clear the examination, which is highly beneficial for every aspiring professional trying to establish their careers in the IT Service Management platform. The recruiters in the job market need the candidates as these certified professionals can direct an organization in employing the best practices in IT Service sectors and Management IT segment. The ideas and efforts of the personnel will help the organization to adopt future change and expansion. The course also considers the standards regarding Quality Management approach for IT Service Management. You can take it as a basic entry level course for entering into the IT Service Management planet. It is not related to a specified technology and that is the reason that the career opportunities for these aspiring professionals has a greater scope in any IT organization. Elearningline, the best suitable provider of the all IT online and instructor based courses help these professionals in clearing their certification examination through providing them depth knowledge in Quality Management standards and best business practices helpful in recent business expansion through increasing customer satisfaction, reducing costs, increasing productivity and more. According to certain survey and analysis conducted in the year of 2014, ITIL career opportunity is regarded as a reputed one and considered among the best top15 highest paying carrer line. Elearningline will help you in describing the best practices of IT Service Management including the Service Lifecycle. ELL will aware you about key principles and models of ITIL including generic concepts regarding the same. The learning also includes the purpose, service design, service operations, objective and scope of service strategy as well as Continual Service expansion.



However, you not not need any prerequisites for the ITIL Foundation certification course. The course is suitable for service delivery professionals, production support engineers, Operations managers and quality analysts.


Apart from them any one working in the IT service segment can go for this course. All the ITIL Exams are available online for your convenience.The duration of the Examination depends on the level of the courses.The foundation level will take 60 minutes. The results are immediate and questions come in the form of multiple choice structure. Now you have the benefit to take the Examination in the languages like English, Arabic, Brazilian, Spanish, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish,Romanian,Russian, Swedish, Vietnamese and the like.

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by George G - Thursday, January 21, 2016, 8:26 AM
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by George G - Thursday, January 21, 2016, 8:25 AM
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IT technical Interview Tips

IT segment is the most challenging and daunting departments as compared to any other area of function. So while preparing for the job interview in this field as IT pros or developers you need to take care of the basic things as you do for any other interview. You are required to develop your communication, straightforwardness, self-esteem and presentation skills.


Apart from the general qualities you have to clear the technical test as well. There are some tricky questions that are asked during the interview so as to gauge the presence of mind and honesty of the candidate. So it is better to show them the frankness of your mind rather than making them beating around the bush. The questions may come in the form of:

• Where you want to see yourself after next 5 years?

• What is the weak-point of yours?

In the technical face to face round of interview you will come across a technical person who will identify how technically sound you are in this regard. Often it has been seen that candidates having much good knowledge in programming can not crack the technical round, but due to some basic mistake that they do during the process of interview.

Some general mistakes which can be avoided if taken care properly in the technical rounds of interview are:

  • Implementation of jargon to represent your prospect desirable.
  • Unnecessary beating the bush while in fact the candidate does not know the answer.
  • If the candidate really do not have strong basics of a programming language.
  • Often when the prospect is unable to think depending on the complexity of the design aspects.

So be honest and open minded in your behavior while you are in an interview. The interviewer is more keen to know about your intellect and integrity than your correct answer. So it is better to accept if you do not know an answer. Convey them the message that you are ready to upgrade yourself with all the requirement of the organizational position and you are ready to learn new things which is expected from you. Some tips that help you to crack the technical interview rounds:

  • A good fit for technical responsibility should have very strong in the basics of the programming language.
  • Be prepared to accept and say ‘NO I don’t know’, when actually you lack it.
  • Show them your enthusiasm in learning new things.
  • No need to misrepresent the things in an impressive manner, they are smart enough to judge your talent. So it is better to be concise on the answers.
  • Do not try to mislead them with irrelevant answers, they may add negatives in their scorecard.
  • Take a breath and answer the question with all your rationality. A quick and desperate initial response may not be appropriate.
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by George G - Thursday, January 21, 2016, 8:24 AM
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The accurate fundamental of a ‘high tech’ business success depends on the strong leadership aspect. A leader influences the performance of the group and individual participants by his or her actions. An organisation can effectively deliver good projects and get the business success if the employees at each level can clearly understand the going of the business along with its objectives which they have to achieve. A manager always support of its subordinate through making them understand their role towards propelling an organisation to success. Dynamic organisations recognize the noteworthy value of effective communication and inter-personal relationship, which involves in delivering tangible result for the effective delivery of projects. Recruiters search for relevant skills and experience. So it would be beneficial for a candidate to join in computer science tends, which is on demand recently for database developers as well as software engineers, while the certificate programs have significance for support and system administration specialists. That is the reason why the industry is getting more and more competitive now a days. They need the people of not average skill and knowledge but having an outstanding expertise. So it is as well challenging for the beginners also. It has been seen that IT field need candidates who are frank and outspoken in character. So it the message to all the novices who want to establish their career in IT segment, must work on the self-development aspects.

IT professionals are not known by a single name. They wear many hats basing their expertise and skill set. The area of expertise includes programmer, engineer, network administrator, website producer, and the like. IT jobs has a vast scope.

Regardless of the accurate job profile, all IT professionals should better to focus on improving the efficiency and usability of technological systems and procedure. They should work on achieving their control over smooth and uninterrupted functioning computer network-free of bugs. They should keep putting their efforts on improving its work processes, should be good at customer retention and acquisition while should be compatible with other business requirement.

The scope for IT career is very vast regarding the jobs in IT. All the positions in IT market is not technical, no worries… if you are not very good in coding. Mere four-year college degree programs are not sufficient to establish your career in Information technology. Of course communication, skills and the personal values like honesty, integrity and leadership qualities are all important to the field.

Not only the Information technology segment but all the industry requires smart and enthusiastic candidates to join them who can help in achieving the business goal and expand the business. Development in customer satisfaction, high product quality and greater service delivery, retention of key talent as well as improved employee satisfaction are the most fundamental area that can be structured through appointing competent candidates who have the potential in terms of communication, inter-personal relationship and efficiency at the bottom line.

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by George G - Thursday, January 21, 2016, 8:23 AM
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Building a career in different field is a matter of personal choice. The meaning and significance of success differ from person to person. But success cannot be defined in a general term. Many often we come across the people whom we think as well qualified and skillful. But, they are not done with their career in their opinion. So what does this success mean? How it looks like?

Everyone has their own determination and ambition regarding his/her career. You cannot quote that a person earning a specific amount of salary is a successful person. Success has a very vast meaning and everyone has a different viewpoint to the concern.

So to be successful in life you need to build your career in that manner. Success is not a one day job. So if you want to build your career in IT field and want to be a good Business Analyst then it is better for you to join a certified business analyst course in a reputed learning center. It will help you a lot in fulfilling your future career goal. The knowledge and skill will help you in parting your role and responsibility in a better way as a business analyst. You can create business cases, can analyze a process or can lead your team to create better software. Thus, it is solely upon you in doing what you get your success.

Life is an ongoing journey. No one is done with his/her career. Your whole life will also fall short for learning. So do not ever think that you are done with your career. Just try out new things. Try to learn more and more. Thus, knowledge and wisdom are the only things which will help you to get success in your life.

If you are doing a job to earn a living hood but, still want to get into the IT field as it is a part of your dream then trust me it’s never late yet. You have all the right to select your choice of career and can work with all your enjoyment. This will not only give pleasure to you, but, it will give a better professional in the IT field as well.

Organizations always look for talent and skill, which can come all the way right from a professional course. But doing a professional course and managing with the time bound sometime get difficult for a working person. So usually people drop the idea of changing their career and learning new things. But with the advent of the new eLearning technique you can fulfil all your dreams. Now you do not need to scarify your better future for these present hectic and strict working hours. All you need to do is to pay a price now for a better tomorrow.

Join the self paced certified career courses provided by eLearningLine to shape up your skill and knowledge. Put some effort to make you competent enough to beat all the IT challenges and find a gateway in the IT field.

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by George G - Thursday, January 21, 2016, 8:20 AM
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ITIL has been adopted by thousands of organizations worldwide, such as NASA, the UK National Health Service (NHS), HSBC bank and Disney™. ITIL is also supported by quality services from a wide range of providers including examination institutes, accredited training providers and consultancies, software and tool vendors and well known service providers such as IBM, Telefonica, HP and British telecom (BT).

A comprehensive qualifications scheme offering a variety of training courses and certifications has been developed against the guidance. This scheme can help organizations to effectively implement ITIL, achieving success by ensuring that employees have the relevant knowledge, skills and techniques, but most importantly, ensuring the entire organization is using a common language and are fully invested in the process.

1. ITIL ensures that an IT professional knows the best practices and the best solutions in any IT service management situation. ITIL’s framework helps improve IT operations no matter where the organization is in the service management life cycle, and it helps businesses by reducing costs while also improving IT services.

2. Most organizations and professionals view ITIL as a sort of common language or model, which makes its related skills more transferable between organizations.

3. Those in IT financial management, continuity management, availability and capacity management, service level management, and service desks stand to get the most out of ITIL training and certification

ITIL Best Practices also underpin the foundations of ISO/IEC 20000 (previously BS15000), the International Service Management Standard for organizational certification and compliance. Organizations can therefore implement ITIL to achieve organizational certification.

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by George G - Thursday, January 21, 2016, 8:19 AM
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It is said that processes remain perfect until people get involved. This saying comes from failure in the execution of processes owing to to misunderstandings of people involved in performing them or to a lack of clarity regarding the roles and responsibilities. A useful tool to assist the definition of the roles and responsibilities when designing processes is the RACI Model. RACI stands for:

R – Responsibility (actually does the work for that activity but reports to the function or position that has an “A” against it).

A – Accountability (is made accountable for ensuring that the action takes place, even if they might not do it themselves). This role implies ownership.

C – Consult (advice/ guidance / information can be gained from this function or position prior to the action taking place).

I – Inform (the function or position that is told about the event after it has happened).

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