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by George G - Thursday, January 28, 2016, 7:41 AM
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Health is everything. A nation spends millions of bucks for health care issues. Now it becomes the IT requirement as well. You might have come across the term ACO, Accountable Care Organization. It is body of the association, or can be termed as a small acronym which create a large splash in the health care delivery model. The main objective of creating this type of model is to expect a better prospect for improved and more coordinated care for patients with the benefit of reduced costs. Now we will focus on the fundamentals that how the accountable care organization functions and what are the ways they follow to lower the cost.

Before getting into the matter the first thing that should be known to everyone is, what really is an ACO and how does it work. It is nothing but an association among hospitals, other health care units or insurers and providers. These are the parties directly responsible for a better care for patients. They are also accountable for the money spent pertaining to a population.

Basically, it is in the hand of the hospitals and physicians to control the cost of the treatment without compromising with the health of the patient. Thus, they are compelled to maintain a  standard level of quality care services. The Medicare regulates the physicians and other caregivers. If they are not doing well in improving the health of patients and keeping the cost down, then they will be entitled to a lower payment.

Apart from this, if you will see from the patient perspective also you will find the system is far more convenient and suitable. Everything can be done within the same health care umbrella. The patient does not need to go to other places for any tests or  specialist care. Everything will be provided to them under the same umbrella. Thus, for a  patient getting everything under the same roof will definitely cost less as compared to seeking additional care outside. It has been seen that many patients like the practice as they find comfort in being guided through a systematic process of treatment.

There are lots of methods of payment in a ACO.the physicians are contracted through the health maintenance organization and are paid as per the agreement but apart from that they also receive Fee-for-service (FFS) for their extra effort in terms incentive for the services rendered like office visit, procedure, test or other required medical services.


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by George G - Thursday, January 28, 2016, 7:39 AM
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Change is a significant thing in human life. Many people do not like changes. But it is a part of our lives. Life can’t move without changes. Change is nature’s indication of saying that the earlier work is now may no longer fit for the present requirements. So is applicable for industries and business management as well. This new concept is termed as Change Management, which is often called as Change Control. It simply denotes the method of managing most changes in an organization. The changes can possibly give you positive or negative effects. No matter, whether the organization may be a big or small one. Even the department to which the changes made may be Human Resources, IT or anything else. Sometimes, the changes are internal or external as well. Moreover, a change is a change. change is a revolutionize.

Change control is a methodical approach to handle all kinds of changes to a process, product or arrangement. Make sure that the process doesn’t include any unnecessary changes. It should be for the betterment of the product, people and process of the organization. Care should be taken not to disrupt the services or products and the most significant thing here is that there should be an efficient utilization of the resources employed.

Thus the changing worlds demand a change in everything. People, product or process, may it be anything but if it cannot cope with the changing environment sooner or later it will become obsolete. The changes or revolution is the result of the reasons like Simple Evolution, Environment Induced Change, a Survival Tactic, Business or Internal Changes, changes due to Culture and Value or Quality of Human Resources.

Apart from these, often it has been observed that the process needs a change for the better health of the business. Thus a change can take place for alteration in Long Term Corporate Objectives, Management Style, Organisational Structure, Working Climate and Leadership.

Generally, when an issue exists for quite a long, change occurs. The intention is to remove the problem from the root and prevent it from re-occurring in the future. Thus, it is the small effort of getting a better way to do the work.

So my sincere message to all the mankind here is that Change will inevitably happen. Learn to cope with the recent changes. It will lead you to a better prospective. However, it is significant to manage it effectively and take the advantage of the revolution.

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by George G - Thursday, January 28, 2016, 7:38 AM
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In today’s competitive world everyone needs a well established job with well known position. It has emerged a core of business practice in the 21st century. Almost 80% success and future reputation is depend on business analyst work ability and skills. He or she must have to do his duty with accurate way and sincerely. One bad steps can a company to take lag behind. Only an analyst can change a company economic conditions and business needs as faster than ever.

A Business Analyst Job Description Sample

There are basically four types of business analysts that can be categorized and there are-

  1. Software Analysts
  2. Consulting Business Analysts
  3. Functional Business Analysts
  4. Academic Business Analysts


On the contrary, there are also two types of Analyst one senior and the other is junior analyst according to some writers. Both of them are equally important for business related job and their work is quite similar to each other. Normally, which types of work senior and junior analyst are done is called a business analyst job description sample. Junior and Senior analyst duties are given below here_

  1. Analysis and solution definition:

i) Making document, structures, policies, direction, business processes and requirements.

ii) Editing documents, structures, policies, and related solutions.

iii) Identifying opposite organizations weakness and skills.

iv)  Developing functional system design.

  1. Technical recommendation and Testing:

i)  Leading testing efforts.

ii) Working with client personnel.

iii) Communication for changing needs.

  1. Project Execution:

i) Assists in enforcement of project deadlines and schedule.

ii) Taking input from supervisor and appropriately as well as accurately applies commands or feedback.

iii) Manage resources in accordance with project schedule.


Name of other Business Analysts

In business field we can see numerous analysts and all of the are highly remarkable for special sight of business. We can see various analyst with various job title for instants IT Business Analyst, System Analyst, Social Network Analyst, Design Analyst, Process Analyst, Enterprise Analyst, Business Architecture. These analysts are expert of specific sector of business areas.


Business Analyst Salary

A business analyst can receive handsome salary from any well known organizations. No matter where he or she comes from. Basically an analyst can take three types of salary in a year. These are-

  • Biweekly: In this method an analyst can get $2,950-$3,598 (USD) per week.
  • Monthly: Through this process a job holder of this profession can get $6,415-7,797 (USD) per month.
  • Annually: In this system an analyst can take $76,984-$93,566 (USD) per year.


A Business Analyst Skills

A business analyst must have some promising skills which can boost up his career. These skills are highly demandable and noticeable across the globe. These skills are-

  • Intelligence
  • IT knowledge
  • Sharp Brain
  • Up to date knowledge
  • Competency
  • Tactful
  • Perseverance
  • Creative
  • Language Proficiency
  •  Hard working  and so on.

All of these skills take analyst to the next advance levels.


A business Analyst Qualification

A business analyst must need to have some specific qualification for this field. Such as, a bachelor degree in finance, accounting or business administration may provide training for college students who wants to become business analyst. In addition, a business analyst should have below qualification

1. Foundational Level:

Business analysis, Business analysis changes, Commercial awareness are the part of it.

2. Practitioner Level:

Business Analysis Practices, Business Management and Business Acceptance, Data management Essentials, Requirements Engineering are included in this part.

3.Higher Level:

BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis, Expert BA award are demanded in this level.


A Business analyst responsibility

Like other job holders business analyst has some necessary responsibilities for his company. These are_


i)  Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring

ii) Elicitation

iii) Requirements Managements and Communication

iv) Enterprise Analysis

v) Requirements Analysis

vi) Solution Assessment and Validation

Above all responsibilities are mandatory for all analysts who want to deliver the right solution for an organization.


 To recapitulate, A Business Analyst is the part and parcel of business environment. No can deny the huge contact of it and its blessings are increasing day to day in our lives.


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by George G - Thursday, January 28, 2016, 7:36 AM
Anyone in the world

What are Assumptions and Constraints?

There are many things other than just the requirement which a business analyst should be worried about. Assumptions and constraints appears up often on our projects. Effective project managers and business analysts look out for the assumptions and constraints existence on their projects.  Subsequently, they can influence your project through a number of variables, plus your project requirements and your subsequent solution.  Mean the risks that assumptions and constraints can increase to your project, in my opinion its priceless taking a quicker look at whatever they are and in what way we should identify and mitigate them.

Let’s look at how the BABOK outlines this business analysis task. The purpose of Define Assumptions and Constraints is to:

                                        Identify factors other than requirements that may affect which solutions are viable.

Assumptions are factors supposed to be true, but not definite. Assumptions increase threat to a project as it is likely that they will chance out to be wrong. Assumptions can influence any chunk of your project life cycle and subsequent solution execution, so it is important to document and analyze them.

In other hand constraints can be industry or technical in nature and are well-defined as limitations or boundaries on likely solutions. The project financial plan, time limits, and technical design decisions are all samples of constraints.

Like requirements, assumptions and constraints are not just the big words from the books ready to be used. The BABOKprovides us these two statements to build on.


Assumptions may reflect an understanding of how desired outcomes are likely to be achieved. For instance, stakeholders may believe that customers will respond in a certain way to a change in how a product is delivered, but there may only be anecdotal evidence to support that belief.

Constraints should be carefully examined to ensure they are accurate and justified.

What To Do With Assumptions and Constraints?

It’s simple to say, “Cannot meet the time line due to ABC reason” or “we can’t have the project delivered by so and so date,” just like that as it’s easy to say But this doesn’t truly get us somewhere as a project team that needs to make smart and proactive intelligent judgments based on pertinent information.

So it comes down to considering why an assumption is made or a constraint is restraining the solution, and possibly mining further into the factors really driving the project.

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by George G - Thursday, January 28, 2016, 7:35 AM
Anyone in the world

There is no doubt that Business provides many excellence to interpreter, businessman, workers, inhabitants as well as all over the world. Its impact is so large that anyone can easily notice it. No one is apart from business and they are benefited by various ways. So, Business Analysis Body of Knowledge one of the fundamental part of business field.

In particular, Business Analysis Body of Knowledge means,  a guide which is included some written tasks and techniques as a framework, and reflects current best practices, structures, policies, operations of an organization, provide solution of complex situation so that a company can gain its goal.

The main aim BABOK is to the profession of business analysis. Business analysis may be performed to understand the current state of an organization or serve the basis of the latest identification of business needs.

Let’s see several matters about Business Analysis Body of Knowledge in detail-

History about BABOK

International Institute of  Business Analysis (IIBA) was established on October, 2003 in Toronto order to serve the field of business analysis. It has 27,344 members, 109 chapters on 6 continents, 430 recipients of Certification of Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA), 3,139 recipients of Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP). It is not an organization for profit professional. BABOK specially describes knowledge areas, tasks, inputs, outputs, techniques and skills required for effective analysis.Nowadays, BABOK 2.0 is the most latest version.



BABOK costs are found in various ways. There are the type of costs mention here_

  1. Public Classroom course costs $5,295 (USD) for per person.
  2. Virtual Classroom course costs $3,750 (USD) for per person.

A Guide to Business Analysis Body Knowledge by IIBA costs CDN$59.80

And the Business Analyst’s by Howard Pedeswa costs CDN$34.01

BABOK merits outweigh the costs pressure. To calculate its expenses, Business Analysis can earn beyond imagination.


BABOK Requirements

In today’s corporate environment, business analysis is key to implementation of successful projects which has business value and long lasting benefits. To achieve this goal, BABOK always consider some basic requirements and these requirements have to fill up before taking business analysis certification-

  1. Minimum education requirement: A candidate need to have at least a High School certificate or degree.
  2. Professional Development requirement: A candidate  should have 21 hours of professional development, it could be_ Business Analysis training, CBAP prep test or any underline skills like Facilitation, Communication and so on.
  3. Experience requirement: Among all requirements, it is one of the most important and challenging requirement. A candidate must have at least 7500 hours working experience in Business Analysis over the last 10 years. Alternatively, at least 900 hours each should be in four of the six knowledge areas. Six knowledge areas in BABOK are_

i) Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring

ii) Elicitation

iii) Requirements Managements and Communication

iv) Enterprise Analysis

v) Requirements Analysis

vi) Solution Assessment and Validation

  1. Reference A candidate is suitable for CBAP or not two references are indicated this.

Above all the requirements are very necessary for all candidate in BABOK area and without all these analyst cannot deliver right solution.


Business Analysis Activities

Its activities are much more difficult than we think, Because, it is called the life of business analysis environment. The person who is done this job efficiently is called with the title of Business Analyst. On the other words, A person who performs or works Business Analysis is called a Business Analyst or a BA. This skill is used with a great deal in building system or software automation of business operations. Consequently, there are several roles such as IT Business Analyst, System Analyst, Social Network Analyst, Design Analyst, Process Analyst, Enterprise Analyst, Business Architecture and so on who performs BA.


Business Analysis Body of Knowledge

BABOK Purpose

Its first and major purpose is produced new promising, creative, intelligent, modern Analyst who works for Business good-will. Through proper training and course it can be possible. Business Analyst is responsible for a full range of activities which ensure the optional effectiveness and excellence of business unit. In addition, to do all the work which is included BABOK perfectly like designing documents, making appropriate recommendations with positive impact, leading a number of key projects, track and analysis unit trends, and many other responsible work as well.


On the whole, Business Analysis Body of Knowledge is the internationally recognized standard for the business analysis profession. It would like to engage professionals who are not familiar with it. It has been working for new generation future and for the betterment of business regions across the globe.

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by George G - Thursday, January 28, 2016, 7:34 AM
Anyone in the world

It is certain that we have various types of Analyst in business environment and all of them are equally important in business areas. But they have individual work and identity in all over the world. With the help of those analyst an organization can achieve its goal effortlessly.

In particular, A Business Process Analyst is a person who works to help the business people understand the way of a business units fulfills its profit mission and vision. On the other words, A Business Process Analyst utilizes business departments and information technology departments (IT) to recognize a areas which needs improvement and design solutions in potential problems.

A Business Process Analyst Activities

Business Analyst has to do some specific work in his day to day business activities. Usually, they have in comfortable office environment and occasionally visit to meet clients. In addition, collecting data, making prediction to help companies reach financial and business decisions are some of the main duties of process analyst. Other duties may add counseling enhancements  and improvements for products, supporting with business process advertising, aiding to store data and analyzing the stored data.


A Business Process Analyst Requirements

There is not any single path of requiring to become of process analyst. But, from employers point of view that a bachelor’s degree would be good start for process analyst. Similarly, they should have several years of working experience in the business alternatively IT world. Very shortly  these requirements describes below here-

  1. Qualification: He or should at least needs a Bachelor degree based on Business or Computer Science.
  2. Certification: They have to take voluntary certification like “ Certified Business Analyst Profession Credential”
  3. Experience: Typical working experience are highly demanded such as 3-7 years working in system development or business development.
  4. Personal Skills: Some personals skills are necessary for this field. For instance, conversation skills, logical skills, co-operation skills, writing skills, verbal skills and ability to negotiable.
  5. Technical Skills: Provable business process design and business operation method.


A Business Process Analyst Importance

A company’s typical work has been done by a process analyst. So, he/she is core need of an organization. Without having best process analyst a company will be lagged behind and cannot contest with this competitive business era. Hence, companies improvements, functions, automations, productivity, creditability is depend on process analyst. All the critical challenges are taken and done by him with some valuable decisions.

A process analyst is consider the risk taking person of an company who’s job in difficult to do and the difficulties is beyond our imagination


Overall, through proper training and guidelines we can create new promising business process analyst who can write new chapter for the well-fair of business environment as well as make friendly relationship among businessmen.



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by George G - Thursday, January 28, 2016, 7:33 AM
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To some people, business is like a game where you just have to invest money. They think that profit and loss is just the part and parcel of every business. You gain a profit; your feet won’t touch the ground. Suffer a loss; and your feet won’t be able to leave the ground. NO! Business is a lot more than profit and loss. A good businessman knows how to build up an empire from a small business and it is all about technique, good judgment and most importantly business analysis that will help you to achieve your goal of setting up a strong foundation for a good business.

In order to set up such a business, one needs to acquire the right resources, set up a reliable network of workers and co-workers, use the resources properly and set up a target. One needs to put his brain into proper use by brainstorming and selecting the best and creative ideas that come to his mind. Eliciting the requirements, analyzing of various documents, observing, prototyping and ensuring workshops are also important steps in this field. An analyst must try to resolve all sorts of conflicts and gain formal approval and baseline to carry on further work. He/ She must implement his ideas and co ordinate his/ her factors and lead the business towards a positive direction. Here, the analyst must not overlook the possibilities of disapproval of any deed or the possibility of suffering a loss. One can never be too much optimistic in the field of business. Even with the best resources, the possibility of suffering a loss is always there.

Overall, a businessman or a business analyst has more than a few responsibilities which he/ she must take care of if he/ she wants to be successful in that field.

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by George G - Thursday, January 28, 2016, 7:32 AM
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There is no doubt that Certified Business Analysis Professional is praiseworthy certification worldwide. Its short form isCBAP. Its aim is to bring the best Business Analyst who has several clear idea on business associated theoretical and practical knowledge. This certification is awarded by International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) to illustrate its description and documented experience. It is considered for senior business analyst and intermediate candidates. Without taking this exam, candidates cannot take part of IIBA.

  • Training of Certified Business Analysis Professional – CBAP

There are 1 to 800 courses for CBAP globally. There is not a single path to take training on it. According to its cost, duration, process it is divided into three parts. These are given below here-


  1. Theoretical Training: In this training candidates are trained by a high level professors. They will acquire knowledge through reading and writing. It will help them to gain CBAP successfully.
  2. Boot Camp: Through this training a person can get practical knowledge and can solute problem in their business analyst profession easily.
  3. Online Training: Now-a-days, most of the training we can get on online. Though it also payable source, it costs much less then other sources. We can learn many things on this topic through online videos.


  • Prerequisites of Certified Business Analysis Professional – CBAP

If anyone wants to be a part of CBAP, he/she has to complete some requirements. It is quite obvious to follow these and these are-


  1. Qualification:  He/she must have at least higher secondary degree/diploma alternatively higher education certificate on business group.
  2. Experience: A candidate should have 7500 hours working experience on BA profession over last 10 years.
  3. Training: He/she have to take 21 hours training in business field or professional development.
  4. References: A candidate need to submit two persons references. One is internal and second is external references.

All these prerequisites are highly valuable and remarkable across the world at any of the organization.


  • Advantages of  Certified Business Analysis Professional – CBAP

It has numerous advantages which cannot fully describe, but can give an idea about it. It helps candidates to focus on atmosphere, risk, complexity, dimension, technology and so on. It build up candidates ability to do their work properly like project submitting, documentation, strategy, communication etc. It is a certification which has full of discipline and principle on BA. Its not only demonstrate candidate skills but also prove it in every sector of their lives.

After certified on BA they can get well-known and established job at any corner of the world with high class facilities.  It is the most well organized certification for business analysts.


On the whole, it is really a wonderful profession and it provides the best business analyst who has no difficulties at their working place. All the analysts like business, process, system, enterprise need to regard CBAP to increase their marketing price.


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by George G - Thursday, January 28, 2016, 7:30 AM
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Healthcare/Business Analysis Webinar will be held on (Tuesday) October 28, 2014 at 8.30pm-9.30pm(EST). 

This webinar is organized by eLearningLine for FREE to discuss numerous topic which is related Healthcare as well as IT. It has huge amount of significance and popularity in Healthcare/Business Analysis field.

 It is basically a web-conference. You can take part of this event through voice alternatively text. It gets highly feedback from people all over the world. No matter where you live, which nationality you belongs, You can join this event very easily.

In this webinar we will discuss & you will get opportunity to talk about below these topics-
• BA role in Healthcare IT industry
• How to start Your career in Health IT
• Domain knowledge in Healthcare IT
• Jobs in Healthcare It and so on

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by George G - Wednesday, January 27, 2016, 8:22 AM
Anyone in the world

There are good project managers, who know how to manage individuals and the process. Then there are great project managers who can take the whole project under their wings and fly splendidly because they have information about every single theory. Usually, a PMP certification differentiates between good and great managers.


What is PMP Certification?

The Project Management Professional credential is the most significant and most wanted certification across the world. It is a proof that a manager has the required knowledge and capability to lead and direct projects. Strengthening one’s skill sets and facing challenges is the most significant feature of the Project Management Professional







Reasons why businesses search for PMP certified managers:


It may have become clear now that PMP certification is very vital. Taking a closer look at the reasons will clear all our remaining doubts.


  • Skills: PMP certification prepares the project managers with the required skills to shine at their work. These skills make them more dynamic and treasured contributor to their companies.


  • Strong Knowledge Base: A PMP qualified project manager brings to his organization, a strong base of project management information that can be used to benefit the enduring and upcoming projects.  


  • Proficiency: PMP certification instils the high level of proficiency and information of project management concepts in project managers.


  • Value Management: PMP certified managers provide value management to their business – they determine project changes, project routines and project estimates.


  • Better than the Best: A PMP-trained manager has an ability higher than his or her non-certified colleagues.


  • Respect and Appreciation: A PMP qualified project manager has a better shot at gaining client respect and appreciation as compared to a non-qualified one for the simple reason that he/she is prepared for better project management practices. 


  • Indicates Commitment: Anybody who has undertaken PMP training in NJ has spent a lot of time and effort achieving it. This undoubtedly reflects their level of commitment and their quest to prosper in the field of project management. And this is something all bosses expect from their employees.  
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