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by George G - Thursday, January 28, 2016, 7:50 AM
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Facets (Trizetto Claims processing system)provides several functionality which is supported under the application group or you can call modules.It helps the organizations to perform their day to day operational work  by utilizing any or all of the application groups.

Facets is a registered trademark of  Trizetto.Facets is a client/server based system ,developed in JAVA technology and all the business rules are running behind the scene as a core functionality.It allows the industry users to be in compliant with all the latest mandates and legislation as long as the latest version of the solution is in place by the Facets users.

Facets implementation allows the integration with many 3rd party applications and the most common one is the claims Xten or TPS (Total Payment system). This type of integrations help the organizations to reduce cost and gain high value from the cost saving prospective.

Facets have two sides of the jobs in the market which are very demanding.One hand there are less skilled resource available ,but  industry needs more resources to fulfill all the federal/state mandates.

Most demanding positions are:

  • Facets Business Analyst
  • Facets System Analyst
  • Facets Quality Analyst
  • Facets Developer
  • Facets System Administrator

Facets system analyst is responsible to setup the parameters required to configure the product.

Facets key Feature:

  • Best suited solution of the healthcare management
  • Very demanding for handling managed care products
  • Very robust and user friendly user interface
  • Allow great security level with the user roles and access level management

All the application groups are as follows:-

  • Accounting
  • Accumulator
  • Application support
  • Benefit Configuration
  • Billing
  • Hippa Privacy
  • Capitation
  • Claims Process
  • Claims processing-ITS
  • Commission
  • Criteria
  • Customer Service
  • Dental Plans
  • Dental provider agreement
  • FSA Plan
  • ITS Application Support
  • ITS Plan
  • Medical Plan
  • Provider NetworkX
  • Provider aggreement
  • Pricing Profile
  • Provider
  • Subscriber
  • Utilization Management
  • Workflow Configuration

Note :Each of the Application group is further subdivided into several functionality.

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