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by George G - Thursday, January 28, 2016, 7:46 AM
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In any project Business Analyst supports the project manager in identifying a risk.Risk can be identified by analysis,elicitation or by reviewing the organizational assets like lesson learned from the historical similar project.

There are several types of risks which can be identified for the Program,Project,Product or the process which can include:

  • Time: This could be a risk that the time slot allocated for the project is not sufficient to achieve the development outcome.
  • Resource:This is an another type of risk where project is running out of option due to the resource constraint.
  • Business Expertise:This is one of the area which becomes a major risk for the project where team is missing a key subject matter expert, who can provide or assist the team with subject knowledge.
  • Stakeholder limited access:In many instance if the project is restricted to approach stakeholders for a limited time but project require more of the time from stakeholder then unavailability can become a major risk for the project.
  • Validation & Verification:If the requirements are not validated and verified formally then it gives the room for mistakes and assumptions.This can be one of a major risk.

These are some of the key risk factors but there are many more.